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BYO Corporate Brand Stylist

30 October 2015

I once had the pleasure of being hosted at a family for the QT on the Gold Coast. The themed hotels throughout Australia are each uniquely styled yet a strong cohesive corporate identity comes through. The experience got me thinking about style and brands, whether it is a company brand or a personal brand – injecting some pizzazz and flair into how you package your brand will set you apart. Also be prepared for opportunity to publicise your brand by having your promotional tool kit ready. As it is spring, it’s time for a makeover – of your corporate image profile.

Are you the MD of your business or a CEO who is organised, efficient and great at managing a team but hasn’t got the necessary tool kit on hand to showcase your personal brand and profile?

To be your own corporate stylist you need to display not only style but substance. By that I mean – look the part with a polished image and good portrait photo and have a bio with key brand messages on hand ready to distribute to media or conference organisers when promotional opportunity arises. Have your collateral available on your website and keep your profile photo and bio consistent on your social media platforms.

Ready to update your profile? Here’s my top ten tips to have you corporate style ready.

A professional head-and-shoulders photograph of you or the key spokesperson for your business in both high and low resolution digital formats suitable for print publications, annual reports and websites.

A secondary photo showing a slightly more relaxed personality suitable for internal publications and/or social media.

A photograph of your signature team portrayed accordingly. Your executive leadership team would be suitably attired and perhaps be photographed in the boardroom. A factory team in uniforms or a creative industry team in stylish outfits and setting.

A photograph of the external corporate building or an interesting interior office, boardroom or warehouse that looks inviting and professional.


The business logo in all suitable formats for web and print publication and any other symbols, tag lines or logos associated with the brand.


High quality photographs professionally styled and shot of all the key products associated with the business. Services can be included also such as a fitness instructor coaching a client or a chef plating food.


    Create that strong visual identify by determining what makes you or your business    distinctive from the competition. Know what your colleagues or your customers say is your greatest strength and come up with a way to portray those brand qualities to make yourself stand out.


Express your brand with a personal biography of you suitable for media and key stakeholders.  Be clear of your attributes and qualities and inject personality into the written description. Have a number of versions – a mini bio or byline of 40 words a short bio of up to 200 words and a longer one page version listing all your background expertise.


A business biography/backgrounder succinctly expressing the brand and contact details that is suitable for media and key stakeholders. Again a mini bio or byline of 40 words, a short bio of up to 200 words and a longer one page version – or fact sheet showcasing the business attributes and background.


Ensure that your message is clear and consistent. Understand your USP that differentiates you from your competition and know your top key messages aligned with your vision and mission that you include in any internal or external communication.