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Successful business woman driven to do something good every day

16 March 2018

Rhian 377A0087 Karen Watson Preview

When I (Rhian Allen, above) began Healthy Mummy I never imagined it would one day be turning over $20m, and heading towards a $100m turnover by 2022.

I began my business to do something worthwhile and good. In my previous corporate life I didn’t feel I was doing anything worthwhile or good, so as well as crafting a business where I could be there for my children, my main driver was that I would do something good.

I didn’t sit down and have a business plan or master plan which showed that in seven years I would be at the stage I am at, now. I didn’t have a plan of how I would grow each year.

Instead I focused every day on creating something good.

My business plan is around my customer. It’s around what my customer needs and where I can create a unique service, support and product offering – which is helping mums achieve health and weight loss after having children.

Once the customer deliverables were really clear in my head, I quit my job, sold my house to fund my idea and started building my business and community.

From that day, I have never stopped building and have never stopped putting the customer first.

The business has always been an online business and our key pillars are Customer, Commerce, Content and Community. The team focus on each of these areas every day. They are core to our business and continued growth.

I haven’t needed a business loan or been in debt in the business. The business has always been very cash generative. I put this down to the fact that I have always run the business from a customer first approach – only launching new products for which the customer has asked.

This strategy reiterates to the mum consumer that I place them first, listen to them and make what they want.

I am also a huge believer in investing in your business. We develop new products – both digital products (apps, websites) and physical products - at the highest standard. I am driven to deliver new technology and products to the customers asking for it so I always reinvest back.

Growth is excellent, at least 50 percent YOY with this year setting a new milestone of 100 percent. When I am asked ‘why’ and ‘how’? I honestly believe there’s no single answer.

We place the customer first

We invest heavily in community

We built our own online content website and platform with over 800,000 unique mums each month

We invest heavily in new product development and never stop creating new products and new technology

We have lots of products – and we cater to mums of all different stages – but we absolutely and 100 percent focus on mums. This is who we are

We never stop thinking and trying to improve the customer experience

We operate from a grass roots level and everyone involved in the business wants to do something good and help mums get healthy. 

What’s next for us?

We want to reach every single mum in Australia and New Zealand and empower them to live a healthier life. We are close to our UK launch and expect to launch there by May.


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