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The Boston Consulting Group tackles two business issues for women

27 October 2014


The Boston Consulting Group has done a number of research pieces around women. One of them Women Want More (in Financial Services) (2009) was one of the first times the idea of the 'female economy' received a mention in the public arena. The term continues to generate interest in the media and especially among financial institutions, which were at risk of missing an enormous business opportunity if they failed to take note of the reports findings around women, financial access and attitudes.

Westpac, which is very closely involved with the Global Banking Alliance for Women, and continues through its Women's Markets to remain closely allied to the work of the GBA, had been working with female customers and business owners in this area for many years. The BCG report, and the book, Women Want More published by Harper Business in 2009, were just further proof of something Westpac already knew from its own findings when it came to women and access to finance. The information made it an imperative that if financial institutions were going to benefit from the vast potential of the female economy then they would have to change the way they worked with women to support  them to achieve the financial outcomes they needed to build businesses and grow.

Recently BCG has released two more reports one dealing with closing the gender gap for women entrepreneurs through effective networking, and the other on smashing the glass ceiling an approach to advancing women into leadership roles.

The research is clear, concise, logical and uplifting. BCG's findings and how the issues can be addressed effectively and sustainably for the benefit of women and the whole economy will leave you feeling energised.