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Are you happy in your career?

04 December 2015

Contrary to common belief, happiness at work isn’t something you can blame your work colleagues, environment or the economy on - it is something every one of us can choose to take ownership of. 

The Science of Happiness at Work

The phrase "The Science of Happiness" actually refers to a new field of social science called positive psychology. Contrary to popular belief, it is not "positive thinking" or self-help, but a broad empirical field of research and application worldwide.  

The results of this research showed that there are five core elements, (the 5 Cs), that impact people in terms of having a happiness mindset and achieving their potential. These 5 Cs can be incorporated into any field of work whether you are a solopreneur, coach, speaker or owner of a large organisation.

Here are some of my top tips for owning and developing your happiness mindset at work

Contribution - This is what you do every day

  • Ensure you have clear goals and recognise when you achieve them.  Don’t forget to share your achievements with others so that they can recognise you too.

  • Get positive feedback even if you have to go out and seek this. Working in your own business can be isolating so make an effort to ensure you get what you need.

Conviction - This is your short term motivation.

  • Your motivation is impacted by your feelings of Competence, Connectedness and Choice. Always aim to leverage upon your strengths, the things that energise you and bring you strength, in your business. If you need something done which isn’t a strong point, find an outsourcer who can do this for you. Remember you always have a choice. You are in control of your life and can make empowered choices for yourself. You have the power to choose what you do and when you do it – it is your business.

Culture - This is your feeling of ‘fitting in’

Hopefully, if this is your own business your culture should be great.

  • Do you relish your job? Do you? Really? Great - Do more of it. If not, then take responsibility for changing some aspects. Check in to make sure you are focusing on your strengths and the things which energise you. Are there tasks which you can delegate / outsource?

  • Do you feel in control of your daily activities? You are the author of your own diary so make sure you make great choices for yourself.

Commitment - This is your long term engagement in your business.

  • The happiest people, those who achieve their potential, are those who believe they make a difference. Does your work fit in with your purpose? Do you have the feeling that you make a difference? If not, then what needs to change? What do you need to do more / less of?
  • Do you have a vision of your business? Have you spent time and effort constructing a vision for you and your business? Does this need more attention?

Confidence. This is about having a sense of belief in yourself and in your career.

  • Getting things done- this is that whole sense of achievement. Focus on getting the right things completed, the important things done that will make a difference to you, your business and your customers.
  • Do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Remind yourself of what you have achieved. Get others to remind you too about what you are capable of, and what they believe are your strengths.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter what your chosen career path is, you can choose to make it work for you or against you. Why not spend a few hours this week making sure that you have set you and your business up for success?