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7 things I have learned in business

03 January 2018

Rhian Allen

Rhian Allen (above) began digital content program The Healthy Mummy seven years ago. The business now employs 25 full-time staff alongside part-time and casual staff of over 150 and has attracted private equity investment valuing it at between $10 million and $20 million. Rhian has learnt an enormous amount over seven years. Here are some of her top tips.


Always put your family first. For me, my kids and family come first. The business is crazy. The stress can be maddening. But I never want that to impact them. My husband works full time on the business too. We both put the kids first. We don’t have full time nannies and we're there for school drop-offs and pick-ups. We are there for playdates. We are there for them.

This can mean we have less time for ourselves and we do have to work late most nights (and are always tired) but it is the sacrifice we make so that the growth of the business doesn’t affect our children. Being on the business together we are able to make this work.


Never ever be scared to try and don’t be scared of failure. I try new things all the time. Most of the time it works but sometimes things don’t, but that’s ok. I learn from every stumble and if you don’t try you will never know.


Always listen to people. Do market research. Don’t think your ideas are the best. For me, my community and customer is number one. Whatever they say, I listen. They are my business’ shareholders. Their opinions count and I listen to everything they say – positive and negative and I am forever grateful to hear their voice and it helps me to ensure we deliver on what they want and need at a price they can afford.


Never stand still. The world today moves so fast and you need to evolve to keep up. Customers have high expectations and they want the best service for the best price. Never stop coming up with ideas and evolving.


Without an amazing team you cannot grow and you cannot service your customers. I have an incredible team and the business employs over 150 women and mums nationally. I try my best to create a really good working environment where people enjoy their roles. I strongly believe that we work to live not the other way around and my aim is to always nurture a team environment that is hard working but also where everyone knows that family time and time out is good.


The biggest challenge and reward of starting your own business are the amount of obstacles to climb. It can be very scary to start your own business. But the more you push yourself out of your comfort zone, the more you will be rewarded. And the key thing to remember is that success doesn’t happen overnight – it takes consistency – day in day out, over many years.

I remember when I was first asked to go on TV. I was like “OMG” I can’t do that. Now, I go on TV shows every month. It is all about pushing yourself and I love spreading The Healthy Mummy message.


Is key…You must believe in yourself and your business. I always believed in my business. I believed in what I was doing. I could clearly see that there was a real need to support and help mums with a balanced approach to health and weight loss and the hardest thing was starting out all on my own and climbing what seemed to be Mount Everest.

But I never gave up – I kept doing what I believed in and I never faltered. I live this brand. It is my life. I embody it every day. I am the busy mum, and every day I want to keep delivering the best possible service, products and support to every mum to be healthy in an affordable way.


The Healthy Mummy: @thehealthymummy


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