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7 Pieces of Advice Aspiring Mumpreneurs Can Apply in the Real World

17 May 2016

“Understand it will be hard, and the juggling might drive you crazy, and at times you’ll wonder why you bother and if it’s all worth it, especially if you are initially doing it for the love and not the money. Be realistic about what you are going to be able to achieve in limited time and set yourself achievable milestones that you can celebrate.

Learn from the lessons and try not to make the same mistake twice. Ensure you have a support network around you to help take care of the kids and to cheer you and your business on. Don’t spend all your spare time on your business, its ok to make time for you- you need a break.” – Louise Pannell, Chorus 

“Be kind to yourself and know that you might want to have it all but you cannot do it all, all of the time. Outsource where possible and ask for help if you need it, we mums are not supermums. Take time for yourself and find balance in all that you do.” – Danielle Proctor, Rocky Road House

“Be prepared! Be flexible and find a mentor that has been in the same situation before you. Learn from your mistakes and know it will be a challenge.” – Liz Atkinson, Zest Possibilities 

“Have a plan and keep putting one foot in front of the other, even when it gets difficult. It’s easy to read about other women in business and get intimidated by their achievements but they are just like you. The key to success in any field is the ability to get things done and mobilise the people around you with enthusiasm for your idea. If you can achieve this, you can do anything.”– Kelly Jamieson, Edible Blooms 

“It is most definitely possible to be a mother and a business owner but support from your business partners (if you have them) and family is so important. Make sure you have a plan in place if you have children, or plan to have children at some point. Working for yourself or owning your own business gives you great flexibility but it also means there's no real downtime and you can't (and often don't want to) switch off.

“Be prepared for the hard work, success as a mother and business owner is never going to be a walk in the park. Have a well thought out plan with options, as you never know how you'll manage the situation.” – Danielle Allen, Two Birds Brewing

“Believe in your dream and take the plunge. There will be many moments of stress and worries but have faith in why you started. Don’t give up – things may take time but persist and surround yourself with your dreams and visions to keep you going.” – Vinita Baravkar, Bhumi Organic Cotton

“My number one advice is to do your homework before you start. Market Research is so important, it's crucial that you don't skip this step in your excitement to get your business going. Support is so important too, join the AusMumpreneur network or a local group of businesswomen because the road to a successful business is not always easy and there will be times when you'll need to call on others for advice and support.” – Peace Mitchell, AusMumpreneur Network 

This excerpt is from the '7 Inspiring Mumpreneurs Share Their Paths to Success' Read it in full here!