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Increase your financial and business confidence

23 November 2021

Ruby women in business - financial and business confidence and wellbeing webinar series. Drill down into various topics or watch for the first time.

You might be running a side hustle, growing a micro business or SME, or just want to increase your own knowledge when it comes to finances and money management, our guest panel discussions provide plenty of information and stimulation. We're tapping into the corporate and personal knowledge of business owners, negotiation experts, authors, financial and management specialists in 30-minute episodes. Access the events via YouTube at your own pace and in your own time. Use the expertise of each of our panel members to fuel topics for your own research and increase your knowledge and understanding on the topics that matter.

Achievement Tracking with Shanti Berggren, Optus Deputy General Counsel, and Erin Evans, Co-Founder & Director FireSoft Recruiting. How to track your wins at work and in life. Use that data to supercharge your career.

The Joy of Money with Kate McCallum and Julia Newbould, authors of The Joy of Money, and Safia Deen, RGM Regional NSW of Westpac. For many of us talking about money makes us hyperventilate with anxiety. We know we need it. We like to spend it. But… our poor money hygiene, makes us sick with worry. Our Lunch and Learn guests provide some fabulous lessons in skilled money handling, putting the joy back into financial management.

Self-sabotage Spending with executive coach and author, Shannah Kennedy. Spending money can be a good thing for the economy but when spending money becomes something we do without thought, and when it compromises our saving goals completely, then we are indulging in self-sabotage. Shannah steps through the process of having a vision board and the importance of referring to it daily to keep ourselves on track to meet our small, medium, and large life goals.

Negotiate Like a Pro with guest speakers, former COO to Jennifer Lopez, Jeff Lee and Other Side of the Table author Sam Trattles. Learn to negotiate for what you’re worth. Top tips from our experts. Get rid of the fear and confusion and learn how to harness innate skills and new tactics as Jeff and Sam demystify the idea of negotiation.

Start-Up to Scale Up with CEO founder of HealthMatch Manuri Gunawardena and owner and director of Bared Footwear Anna Baird. The discussion aims to help you grow your business, delving into where to invest your time and money. This discussion was super popular with people who wanted to begin a business or had a micro business and were looking for next steps to growth. Both business owners get down to some nitty gritty with Meggie.

Mixing Family with Business sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett chat about co-founding SWIISH and what it’s like to run a business with family. The pitfalls and the top of the podium wins make the experience worthwhile for both these busy women.

Finding Your Strengths with fashion designers and Indigenous business women Alisha Jayne and Liandra Gaykamangu. Learn how finding and playing to your strengths delivers real success. This special NAIDOC week event uncovers fascinating facts about Indigenous culture and how Indigenous run and led businesses navigate their own way. Along the way you’ll learn how dot painting came about, and how recycled ocean plastic became swimwear fashion. This special panel was moderated by journalist and presenter Narelda Jacobs.

Goal Setting for 2021 with Keita Williams founder of Success Bully a coaching business helping you take your great to greater. Keita says her 90-day program based on accountability is about setting goals and being made accountable for keeping to them. The US based business is about “professional butt kicking”.

Recruitment 101. Scratch that career itch with Jodie Perram - founder and director of recruitment firm Itch - and CEO PepTalkHer Meggie Palmer. Katie Clinch from LinkedIn will also join, speaking to how LinkedIn can be optimised by businesses to find the best candidates, and how candidates can use the platform to sharpen their job search.Take your business and career to the next level. Join us for an easy half hour or so nailing down strategies that work for you.

10) Choose to Challenge to Change your Life - with Turia Pitt Westpac’s Ruby Connection & PepTalkHer are proud to host humanitarian, athlete, engineer, motivational speaker, and author, Turia Pitt. Facilitated by PepTalkHer CEO Meggie Palmer, an uplifting, inspiring and engaging discussion about how choosing to challenge can change your life.

11) What does the Federal Budget mean for women? Join Westpac Business Bank Chief Economist Besa Deda for a revealing look at how the numbers affect you. Talking with Peptalkher CEO Meggie Palmer, they tease out the impacts on women and answer your pressing questions. You can see the recorded webinar here.

12) Did you know that 80 percent of us score below the minimum level of mental fitness required for peak performance and happiness? Watch Peptalkher CEO and our webinar moderator Meggie Palmer in conversation with leadership coach and facilitator May Samali as they cover practical ways to strengthen your mental fitness to improve performance and happiness. The recorded event is here on Youtube.

13) Our Lunch & Learn: From Procurement to Growth was with Joanne Kennett of Westpac, Lene Sjobrend of Swangroup, Narelle Anderson of Envirobank, and Meggie Palmer of PepTalkHer. We talked about procurement and supporting women-owned businesses. You can access the session here on Youtube. The websites and resources we discussed are:


WEConnect International

Supply Nation is good for indigenous, Social Traders for Social, Buyability for disability enterprises, and BCorp for BCorps

Supplier inclusion and diversity

14) How to negotiate your salary and advocate for your success at work. In this session, Meggie shared with us the secrets that have helped her clients negotiate pay rises from $3000 to $103,000. 

15) Lockdown Blues: Tangible tips to manage your mental health with host Narelda Jacobs. Dr. Katherine Lawrence of Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, Monash, and Prue Gilbert, Founder & CEO of Grace Papers, talk about managing mental health. We know it’s a tough time for many now. If you're struggling and need support, visit

General tips:

Practice gratitude - take a moment to think about what makes you thankful.

Account for what you’ve achieved and make a list of what you want to achieve the next day.

16) Have you been wondering what options are available post lockdown to help future-proof your business? We’ve put together a panel of business experts to talk you through options that may help. Most importantly, our experts can help with strategies for adapting quickly in business in a changing environment.

17) Home ownership is a process with so many moving parts – many of which cannot start until the others are connected. But we’re here to help you get started – what do you need to know? Who to talk to? Investing in property: How to get your foot in the door.

18) Focus on Women's Safety & Security: Financial Abuse. Identifying the signs of financial abuse and how to protect yourself and rebuild. A few of the thoughts from our experts:

Remember don’t blame yourself or think there’s something wrong with you if you experience financial abuse.

Keep an eye out for financial red flags in a relationship: borrowing money and not paying it back, controlling your finances, making it hard for you to work, for example.

Talking about money can feel like a taboo. Let’s start normalizing conversations about money with friends, family, and our children.

(Please note: Restricted mode is on. Please go into your settings and change. Or try accessing it with your personal email/YouTube account.)

19) 2021 The Big Audit: reflecting on the year that was to plan for the year ahead. A few key takeaways on successful networking: Share something unique about yourself with people - it's an icebreaker and people will remember you. Ask questions. Have a few key achievements on hand to share with others and join groups to get your name and yourself out there.

PepTalkHer is an App developed by Meggie Palmer for her business. The App helps you keep track of your wins at work and bench mark your salary. An online brag book, it prompts you to collect positive feedback at work from colleagues, managers, etc. The data you collect can be used for many purposes. Significantly, it can help you provide back-up for your pay raise and promotion conversations.


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