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What a difference the weather makes

24 March 2015

The photos below capture a few of the unusual global weather patterns the Northern Hemisphere experienced earlier this year. Many of us have also seen images of the devastation Cyclone Pam has caused in the Pacific, recently.

Below: Istanbul, Turkey, which lays at sea level, covered in snow in early January, 2015. The coldest day since 1963.

 Small Istanbul In Snow

Below: The Swiss Alps early January 2015. According to locals, the area would in an average year be waist deep - or more - in snow.

Small Swiss Alps

Below: Unseasonably warm UK weather. The site of the signing of the Magna Carter outside London mid January 2015.

UK In Winter

Below: A snowman by the sea in Istanbul, cruising the Bosphorus.

Snow Man At Sea Level In Istanbul On The Bosphorous

Saturday 28 March is Earth Hour

Switching off lights for Earth Hour is a symbol of Westpac Group's commitment to reducing our direct environmental footprint.

Did you know that if you: 

1. Switch off your monitor when you are away from your desk for more than 20 minutes you could save 2/3 of the energy of a computer.

2. Switch off your computer at night and you could use 60 percent less power.

Imagine the difference that each of us as individuals can make altering our own habits. More on women in business making a difference:


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