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Westpac Foundation: supporting social enterprises to scale-up

05 February 2018

In 2018, Westpac Foundation will award a total of $1.5 million to five not-for-profit social enterprises with a proven model to support people who face barriers to accessing Award-wage paying jobs, training, qualifications or work experience.

The money comes from the Westpac Foundation’s Social Scale-up Grant program (applications are now open and run until 5 March, 2018). The Social Scale-up Grant aims to scale-up not-for-profit social enterprises that operate a business for the primary purpose of creating jobs and employment pathways for individuals who often face significant barriers to entering the mainstream job market or are excluded from the workforce.

Grant recipients receive $300,000, over three years, to help scale-up their operations, grow their business and increase their social impact. Westpac Foundation also provides valuable non-financial support such as business mentoring and access to the skills and resources of the Westpac Group.

There are two steps for applicants to take

Step 1: Complete the Self-Assessment Survey
The Self-Assessment Survey will help you determine whether your social enterprise should apply for the Social Scale-up Grant.

If you are recommended to proceed after completing the survey, we will email you the details of how to complete an online application.

If you are recommended to proceed after completing the survey, please click on the link to the Grants Portal to complete the online application (link is on last page of the survey if you are recommended to proceed). If you previously completed the Self-Assessment Survey and were recommended to apply, we will email you with your link to the Grants Portal.

You can take the Self-Assessment Survey at any time of the year (even if applications are currently closed).

Take the Self-Assessment Survey

Step 2:  Complete the Grant application

Social enterprises that answer YES to all Self-Assessment Survey questions are encouraged to apply for the Social Scale-up Grant between now and 5 March 2018 and register for our webinar on Friday 9 February (12-1pm AEST) which provides an Overview of the Social Scale-up Grant. All applications must be submitted by 5pm AEST on 5 March 2018.

Once applications close they will be assessed and up to ten social enterprises will be shortlisted and invited to submit detailed supporting documentation by early May 2018.

The detailed documentation will be subject to a full Risk and Finance review, including but not limited to: a full business plan, details of the current business model, detailed plans for scaling-up, a risk management plan and financial forecasts (with supporting assumptions) for at least the three years of the Grant.

The five successful Social Scale-up Grant recipients will be decided by the Westpac Foundation Board by September 2018.

See the stories of past winners


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