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Thinking global, acting globally

07 March 2011

It's no longer just about thinking global and acting locally. As global citizens it has never been easier to make a difference all over the world.

Round-the-clock news streams and internet access means we have instantaneous access to the plights of our fellow neighbours, be they urban, rural, national or international.

The ability to provide help has never been more available - at a minimum, with the click of a mouse we can now do our own research and then act by making an online donation. Some people take a more hands-on approach and head to a destination to make a difference.

I've always been a hands-on type of person, so in October, I am flying to New Zealand to help do my bit to make homelessness a thing of the past.

While the numbers of people doing it rough in Australia are estimated at around 105,000, the numbers across the ditch are in the hundreds, and a figure that those on the frontline think could be reduced to a bare minimum within the foreseeable future.

I grew up in New Zealand and am proud to take up the opportunity to give up the comforts of a bed for one night to help make homelessness a thing of the past. I did the St Vinnies CEO Sleepout in Melbourne in June, raising nearly $13,000 to support Australians in need.

Yes it was cold and yes it was uncomfortable, but the biggest level of discomfort was knowing that every night there are people (including 34,000 children) here doing it tough.

Knowing what a difference can be made when people work together to tackle an issue meant I had no hesitation in signing up to for the Lifewise Big Sleepout in Auckland in October.

I may not get any sleep that night, but I will sleep lighter during other nights knowing I have done what I can to help make other lives more comfortable.

As fellow global citizens, I ask you to support me on this journey, by donating to a problem we might actually be able to solve. You'll find a link on the front page of my website,

Melina Schamroth is the Founder and CEO of m.a.d.woman, author of How to be m.a.d. (making a difference) and m.a.d. (making a difference) in a green way. She established singles events, Single Volunteers and runs corporate team building events that make a difference. You can read more at