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Step Towards A Cure- Great Wall Trek 2014

11 June 2013

I have always loved travel and adventure but in the past five years this has taken a back seat to my working life and helping my husband, Kevin, set up and run his small business.

When an email hit my inbox last week from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) inviting people to join their “Steps Towards a Cure – Great Wall Trek, 2014” I immediately sent off and email to the better half saying “Interested’?

I have always wanted to visit China – Kevin and I had planned a six week trip to China planned ten years ago but had to postpone due to a family tragedy.

Aside from that tragic event, this seemed such a good fit – I have a family history of breast cancer – my beautiful mother Mary passed away just before her 60th birthday. My sister was diagnosed at the age of 46 and has thankfully past the 5 year mark and is fit and healthy.

Through my role as Manager, Westpac Women’s Markets I have worked closely with the NBCF, project managing the Westpac participation in the launch of Register4 and in the following years the ongoing support for both the Foundation and Register4 initiative (

During our morning walk across the Harbour Bridge Kevin and I decided that, yes, the Steps Towards a Cure – Great Wall Trek  was something we wanted to do for two main reasons– supporting the NBCF as well as our own very personal reasons.

So we signed up that day and immediately brainstormed some fundraising ideas.

We had a lovely call from both Inspired Adventures and NBCF welcoming us to the Trek. I was asked by one of the ladies if I had to twist Kevin’s arm to go, which did make me laugh.

My husband is a great supporter, given his close connection to my family and the family history, he has always wanted to visit China and will now celebrate his 2014 birthday on the Great Wall and through his hairdressing business, he has a great affinity with women but also meets a diverse range of people, hears their stories, and this is another way he can support not just women but the men connected with those women affected by breast cancer.

Our goal is to try and raise $20,000 over the course of the next year through a series of fundraising events (supported by the team at Inspired Adventures).

Interested in joining the trek? You can find details here