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Rare Earth Foundation

30 May 2011

The passing on of culture in remote aboriginal communities is stalling, for the first time in 40,000 years.  The elders are extremely concerned about what is being lost and are looking for ways to address the gap between elders and young people.  Rare Earth Foundation is closely involved in this work and, in partnership with elders, are establishing a social enterprise that will allow women elders to take young women out into the bush, collect plants out of which extracts can be created for health and well-being.  As part of this collection process, the stories and practices of communities are passed from one generation to the next.  And if a commercial enterprise can be created out of this important cultural activity, then the elders believe that young women can be encouraged to stay in community and be able to support their families.  

There are ancient health benefits associated with the use of these plants and communities are happy to share these in a line of essential oils.  All profits made from this process will be channelled back into projects that promote young people engaging with culture in these remote communities.

We are conducting a short survey on behalf of Rare Earth Foundation – a social enterprise aimed at empowering young people to preserve and promote Indigenous culture.

Here is the link for the survey

Thank you very much for your assistance.