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Mental Health Awareness and mindful meditation

20 October 2016

Smiling Mind app

One in five Australians suffer from a mental health issue. Anxiety tops the list. In this month (October) of Mental Health Awareness the not-for-profit mental health organisation Smiling Mind is asking people to promote positive mental health and wellbeing through mindfulness meditation. Smiling Mind is highlighting the importance of being proactive with our mental health, and not reactive - waiting until a mental health issue arises.

Smiling Mind founder, Jane Martino (pictured on home page) believes mindfulness is attention training and helps your brain focus: “We started Smiling Mind because mindfulness meditation is beneficial in our own lives. I wish I had it from an earlier age in the formative years. Mindfulness brings you to the present moment. It regulates your emotions and provides a space between how you feel and how you react.”

There is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support the benefits of mindfulness in adults. Mindfulness meditation has proven to be a very easy-to-access strategy to increase wellbeing. Since the launch in 2012, Smiling Mind has had more than 1.3 million individual downloads of its free mindfulness app.

Smiling Mind’s free web and app-based mindfulness meditation program was set up to help people with strategies to deal better with the rigours of busy schedules, stress and everyday life for all age groups.

There are several different Smiling Mind programs, developed by psychologists and based on mindfulness meditation techniques.

Dr Andrew Rochford, a Smiling Mind ambassador, says, “Just like exercise to keep our body healthy, we should see mindfulness meditation as a way we can exercise our mind and keep it in equally good health. Mindfulness meditation programs, like Smiling Mind, are found to be beneficial for building mental health, with a strong focus on resilience that improves wellbeing.”

You can download the free app from, the iTunes store or Google Play. 

The organisation relies on community support to help keep the Community Programs free for everyone. If you would like to donate, click here