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Green salaries plunge 25%

07 March 2011

Survey results announced today show senior green salaries fell 25 per cent in the last 12 months.

The 2010 EnviroSearchGlobal annual salary survey found the average remuneration package across roles from manager through to general manager level plummeted from $206,489 to $155,642. The specialist search and recruitment firm surveyed 60 employers, many in the ASX 200.

EnviroSearchGlobal director Richard Evans says the salary survey points to industry's lack of confidence in the health of the green economy with senior environmental positions being downgraded and bonuses withheld.

\"Following the last election, employers were keen to secure talented people in the face of a predicted skills shortage in the rush to prepare for the CPRS,\" Mr Evans says. \"Now, just as the global financial crisis loosens its grip, all the jockeying for position in Canberra has left Australian businesses wondering how, when and even why they should prepare for the green economy.\"

\"When you see a 25 per cent drop in average remuneration packages at the senior level, it's clear we still have some way to go before these positions are really valued as contributing to the bottom line. The 'big' salaries will be reserved for those in companies that view environment and sustainability as a source of competitive advantage. Individuals who can demonstrate commercial acumen, while managing the complexities of evolving regulation around climate change and sustainability will command the highest salaries going forward,\" says Evans.

Over 60 organisations participated in the comprehensive 2010 EnviroSearchGlobal survey, from industries as diverse as resources, through to professional services and government.

For further information, please contact:

Richard Evans, Director, EnviroSearchGlobal

03 9663 5570