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Forging your path as a woman leader

31 January 2018

Deanna Varga

It’s known as “consumer activism” and Femeconomy is progressing gender equality through it. By training the gender lens on shop brands, Femeconomy promotes female led businesses to consumers.

The upshot: customers are asked to consider from whom they purchase, and buy from brands with women in leadership.

The outcome: by impacting the base line female consumers can progress gender equality.

According to Femeconomy Director Alanna Bastin-Byrne, “Any business who meets Femeconomy’s approval criteria can choose to submit their brand.

Femeconomy also has a role in promoting tales of leadership across industries, providing women and companies with ideas on how they can open doors for other women to get to the ranks of Board Director, CEO and successful business owner. It’s why the organisation has put together an ebook, Female Leader Conversations. Eleven trailblazing female leaders’ stories feature, including Deanna Varga (above), who is on the board of the Sydney-based not-for-profit Dress for Success, with which Ruby works closely, providing financial literacy workshops to its female customers.

Deanna’s journey proves that it is possible to secure Board positions, even if you are not a CEO. Deanna's credentials coupled with her resilience, determination, ability to lobby, self-nominating and the support she received from Women on Boards were the secrets to her success.