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Famous women auction handbags for Equal Pay

29 August 2014

equal pay day auction

Which bag did Australia's first female Prime Minister take to the Mid Winter Ball? What kind of bag does Westpac CEO Gail Kelly use? Find out at the Bid for Equality Equal Pay Day Handbag Auction.

This year's theme for the YWCA Adelaide annual fundraiser is handbags, and the auction, which is running now, finishes with a gala party in Adelaide on the evening of September 6.

In the past, YWCA Adelaide, which is a not-for-profit young women’s leadership organisation, has held a quiz as its major fundraising event. This year, as Communications and Engagment Manager Chelsea Lewis told Ruby, YWCA Adelaide brainstormed a new idea.

"We tie our major fundraisng event to Equal Pay Day, which usually falls in early September, and this year is on September 5.

"Handbags, the place where women hold their money, symbolised for us the gender pay gap. In February we began approaching Australian women leaders for their support," says Chelsea.

Women, including Australia's first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and first CEO of a Big 4 bank, Westpac Group CEO Gail Kelly, are just some of those who donated handbags to the cause.

"The really sobering news, that the pay gap has increased to 18.2 percent, makes the fundraiser and the handbags even more significant," Chelsea continues.

More than 60 Australian women leaders have each donated a handbag (or in some cases, two bags, or a sports bag). 

All funds raised in the Bid for Equality Equal Pay Day Handbag Auction go toward supporting the young women's leadership work of the YWCA, which aims tol help close the gender pay gap.

In many cases women donors have written a short description around what the handbag has meant to them.

"For me," says Chelsea, "these stories are wonderful to read, indicating something about the owner and the personal connection they have to the bag.

"Now, those handbags can mean something to someone else and the support we receive can be used to fashion future women leaders," she finishes.

Saturday September 6, 7.30pm, Gays Arcade Adelaide - will mark the final hours and closing bids of the online fundraising auction. At the event, you can also bid, so please bring an electronic device to be in the bidding.

All bags will be on display.


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