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Creating safe work for women at The Big Issue

28 November 2016

Women Subscription Enterprise

WSE dispatch assistants:Susie Laima Jodi Pawandeep and Harjinder

The Women's Subscription Enterprise (WSE) is an employment alternative for homeless and disadvantaged women who may feel vulnerable selling The Big Issue magazine on the streets.

Selling magazines on the street is simply not a safe or viable option for many women, including those fleeing domestic violence or caring for children.

WSE employees instead pack copies of The Big Issue for distribution to subscribers in a secure environment. The Women’s Subscription Enterprise launched in Perth recently and has employed more than 130 women in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide since it launched on the East Coast in 2010.

At the first official shift supporters from the corporate, government and community sectors came together to mark the occasion and pack magazines alongside the new WSE employees.

The Big Issue received funding from the Westpac Foundation and Westpac Women's Markets to help establish the WSE in Western Australia.

As the number of subscribers grows the WSE will be able to offer further employment opportunities, making every subscription count. By spreading the word to family and friends who may be interested in subscribing to the magazine you will support work for women in need.

  • 46,000 Australian women are homeless every night
  • 40 per cent of homeless people living in shelters are women
  • The largest single cause of homelessness in Australia is domestic and family violence, which overwhelmingly affects women and children

To subscribe: click here and view snapshots of the first shift in our photo gallery.