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Carinne Bird - Outsourcing!

10 September 2015

What stops you being powerfully present on Social Media? Lack of time? Nothing to say? Lots to say but not sure how to articulate? then OUTSOURCE! Breakthrough your barriers and work with professionals. Before working for a global brand I came from small companies where resource was lean. Running events was a one man band – me! Managing databases was done on a spreadsheet by me and the story goes on. I joined a major blue chip company to find one could outsource events to an agency – wow it was wonderful! There were teams of people in the operations department who could pull extraordinary lists and databases of information - it was tremendous! For the first time I saw I did not have to do “everything” myself but could “outsource” and it was magic. I have since become the queen of outsourcing, I even look for opportunities to streamline my own workload, even when resources are limited, and involve other people to help team to get the job done. Sometimes professionally and other times people have volunteered. It’s been one of life’s move valuable lessons. Below are three ideas to help you outsource and socially succeed.
  1. Ghost Writing - for years people have secured ghost writers to help them write their biographies and other material – why not your blogs, your video scripts. There are experts out there who can take a brief from you, collect your thoughts, your messages and turn them into pieces of art – a script or a blog series! You get a professional product that remains in your control for your professional use.
  2. Social Strategy - unsure where, when and how to position your message? Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and the array of other mediums out there in the sea of Social Media. Again OUTSOURCE! Connect with a digital expert who is socially savvy who can not only recommend your position strategy but manage your scheduling to all sites in advance! As you will be giving permission to a second or third party to access your online brand you need to work with a trusted partner. Ensure the person or company is completely trustworthy and professional. You must be completely comfortable and confident in providing your access to your trusted partner to help you build your presence in the social world.
  3. Always On is Key – when you sit with your trusted partner to prepare your writing and social strategy, ensure it is ALWAYS ON. Weekly or Bi-weekly blog updates are recommended with complementary twitter one line messages 2-3 times per week that are interlinked to bring your conversation alive. In the theatrical world a theatre is often described as being “black” on days of no performing shows. Using this example, Always On means to being constantly present on the Social Media platform, never have periods of being “black” like the theater.