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Business asks, is your organisation well-run

07 August 2015

In line with its mission to enhance the capability and performance of the for-purpose sector in Australia, People for Purpose has released some recent research, done alongside Good Foundations and PwC, into what makes a for-purpose organisation ‘well-run’.

The survey received responses from both for-purpose employees and donors from a wide range of organisations.

In summary, there were: 

253 respondents; 74 CEOs (29%); 65 Direct Reports to CEO (26%); 64 Other Employees (25%) and 50 Major gift donors (20%)

Organisation Size ranged from 11-50 employees 32%; More than 100 employees 29%; Less than 5 employees 17%; 5-10 employees 13%; to 51-100 employees 9%.

The key findings from the survey are that the two most important elements in being well-run are:

·       being crystal clear on your purpose, vision and direction; and

·       having great people, with a particular focus on great leadership.

Respondents talk about one change they would implement to make NFPs better-run. To find out what the top change might be, see the report.

The major findings are core to the mission at People for Purpose, which is encouragiong for the organisation to see.

The full research report is available to view via the Good Foundations website.