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Helping add value at the community level

03 July 2019

Recently, we were part of a raw, honest conversation about money with financial wellness advocate Melissa Browne (below) and her guests.

Melissa is an author and serial entrepreneur. She wants people, especially women, to understand their money identity and from there increase their financial confidence.

Mel Brown

As a prominent supporter of what Melissa aims to achieve for women with financial confidence, we wanted to capture the feeling in the room and keep our Ruby members informed. Often the best way to do that is visually. In briefing one of our suppliers, Flashpoint Labs, this proposition was presented to us: “We have a young, indigenous women, Elyse Cook, working as an apprentice photographer and we’d like to offer her the chance to earn and learn.”

Elyse jumped at the offer of a real photography job and we jumped at having her cover our event.

So many businesses are turning their sites to how they work with the community to add value. In fact, according to the recent Westpac Small Business Report, working with and in the community is one of the strategies - along with communicating with government - which sets successful businesses apart from less successful businesses.

Flashpoint Labs goal is to achieve social impact on every single job. Seeking out and providing opportunities to apprentices from diverse backgrounds is one way in which it does this. 

Elyse Cook

Elyse (above left, at work) is the eldest of six children – she has five younger brothers - and works at QANTAS in customer service as well as apprenticing in photography. Here, we also feature some of Elyse’s work from the financial wellness event.

Capturing The Guests Including Speaker Melinda Howes

Guests, including Melinda Howes (left) General Manager Superannuation, BT. Photos: Elyse Cook.

NAIDOC week is on from July 7 to 14. The theme this year acknowledges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have always wanted an enhanced role in decision-making in Australia’s democracy. The theme: Voice. Treaty. Truth. specifically seeks a First Nations Voice to Parliament enshrined in the Constitution and secondly, calls for a Makarrata Commission to supervise treaty processes and truth-telling.