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Brené Brown on trust

03 July 2019

Brene Brown Compressed

Author Brené Brown (above) has this to say when we're wrestling with trust: there's one place we need to examine first.

I am not going to destroy the punchline, but I will say, a lot of where we should go has to do with self-confidence.

Brené presents on trust as part of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul Session, which is a group of podcasts where Oprah interviews various thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts. The aim: to bring you ‘a step closer to your best self’.

As part of her anatomy of trust, Brené has created the acronym, BRAVING, to help you remember the elements of trust.








Did you stumble over Vault?

I did.

In fact, it took me some further research to understand in what context Brené was using the word, Vault.

A vault, after all, is most closely associated with death. It’s somewhere you can lock things never to see the light of day again, unless you choose to release them.

Sounds horrific. However, if people know you won’t divulge their secrets - their confidences – and can be trusted implicitly, then being a vault is a real positive, especially when it comes to creating mutual trust.

Vault is where Brené zips off to touch on the destructive power of gossip, whether you take part in it or are its victim. She also examines how the intimacy of gossip is a false space.

Gossip is not an intimacy driven by safety and security, but a place ruled by fear, where your survival can be jeopardised by the turn of a tongue.

Brené Brown is in Australia as a guest of The Growth Faculty. She will conduct two half-day workshops for business and personal life, one in Sydney on 31 July and the second in Melbourne on 2 August. If you miss her, you can always catch her on Ted Talk and Youtube.