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Women's stories provide understanding and growth

13 July 2018

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Key innovative female leaders from Google, Fast Company and the World Economic Forum are the first to be featured in a new podcast series called Don’t Stop Us Now!, available on various podcast platforms.

Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas (left to right, below), the co-hosts of the podcast, bring together extraordinary career stories and advice with the aim of inspiring women to take action and reach their potential.

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Both women have worked internationally and in senior roles in companies as diverse as British Airways, Google, McKinsey, eBay, professional dancing. Their careers have provided them with an amazing network on which to draw for talent and ideas for their podcasts, and many of the women interviewed are known to them personally.

Don’t Stop Us Now!, interviews reveal the real person behind the success story, examining their doubts, fears and tough times and how they overcame them.

Interviewees include: Silicon Valley’s Courtney Hohne, the Chief Storyteller for X - The Moonshot Factory (Google’s elite innovation lab).

Tina Sharkey, San Francisco based serial entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Brandless, one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2018.

Audette Exel, a Forbes Hero of Philanthropy.

Rachel Botsman, the author and thought leader whose TED talks have been viewed more than 4 million times.

Kate Vale, employee number one at Google Australia & NZ, and at Spotify Australia.

And coming soon:

Rebekah Campbell, serial Australian entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Zambesi.

Heidi Hackemer, VP, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

There are ‘How to’ episodes as well.

The idea behind the How To episodes, according to Claire and Greta, is to pick up on themes and challenges in the interviews and discuss how listeners can tackle the challenges themselves when they arise. For example: managing your inner critic is one theme the duo has developed into a ‘How to’. Future episodes will include: how to say No, how to negotiate a pay rise, how to tackle imposter syndrome, and how to delegate, etc.

Typically, podcast interviews are around 30-35 minutes, and ‘How to’ episodes a little shorter.

“We want to inspire women to think bigger and to equip more women to take action to fulfil their potential and play key roles in shaping our future businesses, tech and society, and we are always interested to hear about amazing, innovative women,” say Claire and Greta.


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