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Tropfest 2017 50/50 line-up

06 February 2017

Tropfest, the world's largest short film festival, is a free, outdoor event. This year Tropfest celebrates its 25th anniversary. Set in Sydney's Parramatta Park, the festival begins February 7 and runs to February 11, 2017. Tropfest is unique in that all films submitted must be under seven minutes in length and include a theme, known as the Tropfest Signature Item or TSI. The TSI for this year is 'Pineapple'.

Here are the female filmmakers for the eight films out of 16 finalists for this year’s Tropfest, their film names and their loglines from the films – Going Vego is Produced and Co-directed by Hannah Bath.

Cecilia Rumore

Another Olga; Cecilia Rumore; Olga Horak shares what she has learnt from enduring the horrors of the holocaust.

Julia Morris Bio V2 14

Can't I Sh#t In Peace?; Julia Morris; What one working mother of four will do to get a moment of peace from her children.

Holly Hargreaves

Diary of a Youtuber; Holly Hargreaves; The year in the life of a popular youtuber, from her rise to her tragic fall.

Hannah Bath 342026 1

Going Vego; Hannah Bath, Christopher Burke & Mikey Owen; In a Newtown populated by vegetables, one awkward Onion struggles to blend in at a party of much cooler, younger veggies.

Ariellethomas Headshot 5   Ellenor Headhsot 6

Meat and Potatoes; Arielle Thomas & Ellenor Argyropoulos; A vegan couple are stuck in the apocalypse without food.

Catherine Mack

Passenger; Catherine Mack; A woman returns from an isolated bushwalk to find a dead body in the boot of her car.

Daphne Do Photo

Wibble Wobble; Daphne Do; A large jelly complicates the sale of a man’s deceased grandmother’s fridge.

The Birth Trailer for Tropfest 2017 world premiere from LA VERITE FILMS on Vimeo.

The Birth; Sarah Hatherley; Everyone warned her about home births, but nothing quite prepared her for what she'd have to bear.