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The Main Shopping Trends of The Year to Watch Out For

26 September 2018

Here’s the thing - shopping is something all of us like to do every now and then. Of course, there are those people who literally throw themselves into a shopping spree every couple of days, but for the most part, it is something that most of us tend to enjoy every now and then. We cannot deny that our main aim is to find the most appealing and trendy products out there on the market today.

When it comes down to the shopping trends of the last few years, what is the first thing that comes to mind? That the key aspect linking all the trends are all technology-based in every sense of the word. It is as simple as that. Now the big questions remains - how exactly are the trends of the year going to transform the way we look at shopping?

After all, the term “window shopping” is relevant even in today's day and age with a lot of people taking a casual stroll through a variety of mall shops out there without having a proper idea of what they want exactly. Having said that, what if the concept, as well as the entire experience of shopping, was made to be a lot more targeted and specific? That is exactly what the top five trends of this year are aiming for. To learn more, here are the top five shopping trends of the year:

  • The Aspect of Augmented Reality: Contrary to what a lot of people think, this technology is all set to become mainstream in the next few months. In relation to shopping, customers will now be able to see as well as visualise the exact size of a product and how well it would fit inside their home. Enough studies have shown that with the help of augmented reality, customers were eleven times more likely to purchase products.

  • Machine Learning: Another extension of AI, this basically enables a brand to optimise their marketing right down to an individual level. Like for example, if a customer regularly purchases an item, the brand can use machine learning to determine that fact, thus making the overall business processes a lot easier in the bargain.

  • Mobile Commerce: Mobile responsive apps and sites are slowly becoming a lot more helpful to customers since nowadays, they are the first choice for customers when it comes to online shopping. Many data studies have proven that over 60% of all major online shopping sales occurred on mobile devices. Given the sheer rate at which mobile phones have evolved from the primary stage, this is not at all surprising.

  • Social Shopping: This basically means that brands will be using social media directly through a personalised app that will enable the customer to buy products directly. This will streamline the journey of the customer by ensuring that customers do not have to keep switching between the Facebook/Instagram page of the brand and their storefront while making a purchase.

  • Photo and Voice Searches: Quite a few brands have already introduced the concept of voice assistants to many brands out there, speeding up the buying process to a considerable degree. Soon, customers can just take a quick snap of the product they wish to purchase and they will have all the information that they need.

For the most part, most of the trends listed above aim for the aspect of change more than anything else. That is a fact that cannot be disputed, since a great many technological advances are bound to make that change possible in every way. For the brands and the customers alike, the future is filled with limitless possibilities in every way.

Even though the traditional ways of shopping are starting to be shed by a lot of customers out there, that is really no reason for brands to panic. There is ample evidence to suggest that a lot of brands could learn how to leverage the new technologies that are available to ensure they have  every opportunity to attract new customers.