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Developing healthy boundaries takes work

19 July 2017

Do you tend to be all things for everyone?

Do you say yes to too much?

Does that cost you time in your day?

By understanding your approach to responsibility: the ability to say Yes and No to tasks you will gain more control over your life.

Which type of personality are you?

Are you the type who always says 'yes'? Then you have weak boundaries. You need to work on your boundaries. (Boundaries are the artificial lines set between what you and the rest of the world want. They help you decide what is your responsibility and what is not.)

Are you able to say ‘no’ to some things and ‘yes’ to other requests on a random basis. These are what could be termed 'spongy' boundaries There is no clear boundary between yourself and others and that can leave you compromised when you least expect it.

Do you say ‘no’ to everything. Such rigid boundaries can leave a person inflexible and uncompromising. Their limits exceed the levels of protection they need.

Are you able to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to people and tsaks depending on the need and circumstances. If this is you, then you have strong healthy boundaries.

Clearly, the ideal is to aim for the latter category when it comes to boundaries. However, many people have had some trauma somewhere in their early lives. They have learnt to tolerate the abuse, by telling themselves that they are unworthy. They must deserve it. Many people need help to find the confidence to overcome weak, spongy or inflexible boundaries.

Good boundaries help you take on the tasks that are  truly your responsibility. Delegation becomes simpler and more reliable, you will find more time in your day and having great boundaries boosts confidence.

On 27 July at 5.30 for 6 pm – finishes 7pm sharp – there is a workshop at Westpac Private Bank, Sydney. In this workshop you will learn a fast efficient way to not only strengthen your boundaries, but also get clear on what you really want and need.

Tickets are available from: :


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