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Former Westpac Womens' Director Larke Riemer receives AO

29 January 2018

Larke Riemer recalls when she came across a new credit card in the market with a mirror on it so women could put their lipstick on.

For the 65-year old, it’s one of those classic examples where companies fail to understand how to service and think about the “female economy”, which she says is a key determinant of leading companies.

“I thought, you’ve got to be kidding! Women don’t want to be segmented. They want to be treated equally and with respect. If you can do that, you'll find you get so much business back from them – they’re very loyal,” she says.

Awarded an AO in last week’s Australia Day honours list for leadership in the banking and finance industry and as an advocate for gender equality and diversity in the sector, Riemer’s self-described “fixation” on women’s financial empowerment is a personal one, sparked by tough experiences such as a marriage breakdown and “monumental mistakes”.



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