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Super control - engaging with your Super ethically

13 August 2018

RIAA report Simon O'Connor

My partner and I wanted more control over where our Supers were invested, without wanting the intricacies of Self-managed Super, and so we went to see a financial advisor – some time ago now.

We wanted our investments screened: no gambling, tobacco, companies dealing in off-shore processing of refugees, coal and controversial weapons. Our advisor warned us that we might not see the same returns as others who were not interested in screening on such a basis (or had never thought to screen and so, by default, invested in whatever). So far, the lower-returns scenario warned by the advisor has not been something with which we have had to deal and a recent report from the Responsible Investment Association Australasia (Simon O'Connor above), which looks at benchmarking the performance of responsible investments compared to their mainstream counterparts, makes further encouraging reading.

On the list of investments now being screened by fund managers are climate related issues, adult content and human rights abuses. This recent Wire article helps summarise the report and its implications.

If you want to get active in your Super and understand what is going on for you and where you can invest and make a difference, reading and acting on this report is a great way into understanding what your Super dollars are and can do.


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