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Westpac, Ruby and All About Women 2019

21 December 2018

SOH All About Women 300X250

Update: Ticket offer, limited number available, here.

It will be March 2019 before we know it. International Women’s Day #BalanceforBetter will be upon us. The Sydney Opera House will host its March 10 All About Women (AAW) Festival of ideas and Westpac and Ruby will support both events. At the Sydney Opera House Ruby will again provide our coffee meeting spot for AAW and Westpac will again sponsor the regional satellite events and Auslan interpreters at AAW. For IWD we will be out in the community promoting and building gender balance through financial confidence.

The following is a teaser for the AAW March 10 event.

Emily Steel Journalist

Don’t be fooled by New York Times journalist Emily Steel’s mild-mannered moniker (above). She is a woman who means business, and in this second year of #MeToo she continues to redress the balance. A feature article on Bustle, an online platform reaching millennial women, describes Emily in this way: “Every once in a while, karma strikes — and even high-powered news anchors like Bill O'Reilly [from Fox] can't avoid it. New York Times journalist Emily Steel, whose reporting got O'Reilly fired, was in fact once the subject of one of his threats.”

And she survived.

Joining Emily is author Gemma Hartley. Gemma’s book Fed Up is about just that: being fed up as women with doing all the labour, including the “emotional labour” and has begun an animated debate around the work of women in society.

Author Joan Morgan, who coined the phrase “hip-hop feminism”, is also on-board.

Look out for the return of The Podcast Hub, where audiences will be introduced to The Guardian Australia’s new podcast, The Witch Hunt, with editors Steph Harmon and Gabrielle Jackson.

So what’s this Witch Hunt about? From smelling salts to Freud and your local GP there has been a long and shameful history of belittling, trivialising and ignoring the health concerns of women by the various branches of the medical profession. Gabrielle leads the discussion around this. It’s an event to cure what ails you.

Feminist and women activists from India, the Arab-speaking world, and Asia will tackle what feminism means outside the confines of its “white, middle-class suffragette” culture, while Sarah Smarsh, who wrote Heartland, will examine her own experiences with inter-generational poverty, and how class and the failure of the American Dream directly impacts women.

Aurelie Garnier is a French illustrator and her work is central to the design of this year’s All About Women festival imagery. Aurelie’s drawings and colours have a bold, sassy energy that is in the spirit of the festival, reflecting All About Women’s exploration of contemporary feminism.

AAW has been brought together by Dr Edwina Throsby, head of talks and ideas at the Sydney Opera House. The only beef we might have is that with more than 20 people to see, workshops, networking and socialising to do, it’s impossible to fit everything in. Don’t be too worried, the podcasts can be listened to later, and some guests will feature on the SOH’s Talks & Ideas site. Check the program, and start planning.

Update: Ticket offer, limited number available, here.