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7 steps to creating a shift to success

23 August 2017

Scarlett Zola Vespa

Scarlett Zola Vespa (above) advocates for women 40+ as a lifestyle and brand consultant. Her work spans the corporate, the personal and the spiritual and she has a vision to create a more empathetic society.

“I think, as human beings, we’ve lost empathy. We can only survive when we look after each other and that requires us to take responsibility and connect with community.

I have my own theories around why so many of us are beginning to question why we’re in the jobs we’re in; with the partner we’re with; why we’re dissatisfied with our politicians, society, and feeling out of whack at a ‘spiritual’ level as well.

The universe is undergoing a reshuffle. People want meaningful work. It’s also really obvious that our workplaces - and our jobs - are undergoing fundamental change and that can be very scary.

In the new workplace personal brand is so important. Why? Because every day in a freelanced, casualised, sharing economy you will have to generate ‘who you are’ and you will have to put that mini-brand out to the world.

Self-generation and promotion inspires fear and anxiety in all of us. The best way to counteract that fear is to be clear on your vision. Being clear on your vision will help you align with what you want and who you are, and doing that will help you find the brands and people with whom you can achieve symbiotic, mutually beneficial alignments/relationships.

Firstly, you need to be clear on your message which is where (for me) your totem comes into play. Your totem is your essence: it’s who you are and it’s what you draw on for your power and protection. Your totem is the authentic you and it’s what creates a powerful personal brand.

In our Western Neo-liberal tradition, brand is informed by values and beliefs. Identifying your values, aligning your work and behaviours to those values and then getting your message out into the community are terribly important.

Your values exist whether you recognise them or not. Life is simpler when you acknowledge your values, including the ones that have the potential to influence you negatively. Your plans and decisions need to be made around your values, or happiness and fulfilment will pass you by. It’s a journey that can take years to complete but it is the important journey.

You also need to prepare for the very real possibility that during the journey you may discover you are not who you think you are. My advice is work with what you uncover. Be flexible, work with your authentic style and always respect others.

And acknowledge the good with the bad.

If you’re being truthful with yourself there will be values you hold that are not so great: you may be a fence sitter, for example. On the positive side that can mean your good at compromise. On the negative: you don’t face up to the truth and don’t make firm decisions. For me, the things we’d rather ignore about ourselves are the magic. Shine a light on those traits and own them, and you’ll be authentic. After all, we are the sum of our parts – good and bad.”

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