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Future proofing your finances - six smart moves

02 March 2016

Prime of Life

It's never too late or too early to plan for your financial future.

Whatever stage in life you find yourself, Ruby has you covered. The following six videos take you through some simple steps that will support you in taking charge of your future today.

On average women live longer than men, are more likely to need long-term care and therefore will need more saved for their futures. By contributing more into super, you can make a difference for yourself. See how here.

Coping with the gender pay gap: carer leave, time off from work and part-time work all leave a gap in many women's future savings. See here for more on how to plug the gap.

Many women feel the strains of balancing support for their dependent children and family with saving for their financial futures. Click here for a video providing a great overview on solving the problem.

In our lives there may be many unforseen events. Becoming more aware of household finances and participating in decision-making ensures women are better prepared for events that may otherwise derail their financial futures. See here for more

The majority of women regret not saving more for their future, as they are influenced by partners or forced to retire before they expected to have to leave the workforce. Prepare now rather than later: click here

Many women are resigned to retiring later in life than they originally planned, however working in later life is rife with risks that need to be understood and for which you can be prepared: see here.

For even more, contact an advisor today either via phone at 1800 209 291 or request an appointment online here.

Or 'Ask an advisor' here

Westpac has been supporting Australians with their banking for 199 years. And when it comes to helping you bank on your future, we trust multi award-winning BT. Part of the Westpac Group, BT has a proven track record in helping Australians with smart investments, insurance, super and advice.



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