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Women falling in and out of history

16 March 2011

Yes, yes, for those of you who asked, the Fitted for Work Fashion Challenge is going great guns - though we would love all of you and your workplaces to get involved - hey it’s fun and easy.  Go on - you won’t know if you don’t have a go.

Unfortunately, it looks like I’m still fated to dress as that loud-mouthed appallingly over-dressed Superstar Dame - maybe she could be disqualified.  After all she’s not a REAL woman.  


Still, many good things have come out of my “challenge” or you could say that I’m trying to put a positive spin on having to make a complete dork of myself for a week.

The thing is that I feel more connected to International Women’s Day and the 100th Anniversary by the “famous” women suggested by my sponsors.

For whatever reason their names set off light bulbs when I asked for suggestions.  Some - like Dame Edna, the Divine Miss M, Cher, Lady GaGa - are larger than life personalities.  Then there are the politicians, Queens, famous feminists and the ones I’ve never heard of.  

Like who’s Alex Blackwell?  Now I’m sprung as knowing nothing about sport.  Turns out she’s the Captain of the Australian Women’s Cricket team and they won the Ashes for the first time in six years. Got a way with that bat she has. Have a look at this photo - she’s way better looking of course. 

And bet you’ve not heard of Daphne Akhurst, one of the very best women tennis champions. The trophy presented each year to the winner of the women's singles at the Australian Open is named the Daphne Akhurst Memorial Cup in her honour. Who knows how high she would have flown if she hadn’t died of an ectopic pregnancy in 1933, at the age of 29.

Now there’s something to celebrate - we are so much less likely to die of maternity related diseases than our foremothers.

If only more of you knew about Daphne, I could have got away with wearing tennis whites for my challenge.  Still time to put in your sponsorship and vote.