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Women and their love affair with shoes

01 August 2011

Women everywhere love shoes, it seems it doesn’t matter how many pairs we have, there is always room for more.  Even if you have a wardrobe full you can easily fall in love with another pair and another … and another… and so on.

Well they are gorgeous but considering today’s economy is it really that great for our bank balance to keep on adding to the multitude.  Surely we can get by with a few basic styles for each season.  I tell myself this each season I don’t need any more however when the new arrivals appear they always look so much more stylish than last year’s model.

This is also because I have the added dilemma of having a wider foot and Iwear orthotics which makes shoe selection difficult.  Even as a Personal Image Consultant I struggle to find a pair of shoes that looks gorgeous, in a great arrange of colours that doesn’t look dowdy.

My podiatrist and many health professionals also tell me (as I truly know) that high heels play havoc with my health including causing me foot pain, thelikelihood of sprains and fractures and foot deformities.  High heels alsocause me to walk in an unsteady gait, shorten my stride and makes running impossible.
But high heels are so sexy and they make my legs look longer and I appear taller and in turn slimmer.   What is the answer!
I would love designers to create more shoes for me and others like me in gorgeous colours not just black that are great for my feet and look stylish and modern.
What are your thoughts on high heels, are you happy to put your health into jeopardy to look great?



  • Larke Riemer

    Larke Riemer 8 years ago

    Hello Robin - I tend to think problems with our feet are very age related. I absolutely love shoes and agree that gorgeous high shoes make your legs look fantastic but not always good for the long term. I also have the dreaded wider foot and spend a lot of time and money at my podiatrist at this stage of my life but always manage to find attractive shoes that suit. It takes a determined mind to find the shops though and if you find a great staff member who knows what you like and contacts you to let you know all the better.It is like everyone is saying great customer service and earning the trust of your clients wins business every time.My shop is here in Melbourne - Sheppards in Collins Street and Gary is my point of contact for anyone looking in Melbourne.