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Why Women Travel Together

01 August 2017

There’s something wonderful about hopping on a plane for a destination, whether it’s London, Paris, Rome; an island getaway or business conference; there’s a wonderful sense of freedom, joy and excitement, especially for women as they leave behind, the stress of daily life, mundane routines, work, kids, etc

This trip is all about you and the wonderful connections you’ll make as you talk, laugh, share stories and celebrate the camaraderie of women. It’s a wonderful time to indulge your senses and feed your soul as you explore everything that makes the region so special.

When inspirational women come together. Magic happens and you’ll be one of 8 women kicking up their heels, embracing more of life, having an unforgettable experience when you join us  celebrating the spirit of women this September in Tuscany. Please contact Rushdown Travel Melissa on or mobile 0407 466661 

For some it will be a personal journey of discovery and others a journey of awakening and a new awareness. It’s a time to indulge your senses, feed your soul, wake up your spirit and feel passionate about life. We all know that heartfelt conversation can be the healing power of like minded women and as a result, you’ll return home feeling inspired, rejuvenated and alive.

Rent a Villa. Live like a local!

This is the ultimate vacation experience. You’ll fall in love with Tuscany!

Rent your own villa and step into the authenticity of locals, not tourists. You can find cottages, farm houses, magnificent villas and even castles for rent and whether a couple, large group or family, there is something for everybody. A Villa stay can be wonderful for family celebrations, milestone birthdays and weddings – great heartfelt experiences!

Most villas come with a pool and outdoor space, so you can relax on a terrace, dine al fresco or go for a swim. Often you’ll find a library, wine cellar and all important pizza oven and many have luxury features like tennis courts and Jacuzzis. Activities can be planned around your personal needs, be it cooking classes, art days, yoga, biking, hiking, wine tasting or even hot air ballooning.

A stay in a villa is more a way of life than an actual place – an experience of rural Italian life, with gorgeous countryside views of fields, hills and valleys. Owners often come by and truly care that their guests have a wonderful time, offering local knowledge and information, recommending restaurants, a private chef, local market days and other activities - guests often get involved in bocce with the locals and if you’re lucky, watch them play the sport of Tirra della Forma, (cheese rolling) at the local sports ground on a Sunday afternoon.

Every year almost every village has a sagra – a festival to show off a local food or drink, usually on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday night. The whole village gets involved eg. the local butchers cook the meat, others distribute food and wine. They take over a local park and fill it with food stalls, tables and bench seats. There is always a dance floor and a band to which the locals do the waltz – it’s lovely!

Sunset Cruise on Cinque Terra

The Cinque Terra is perhaps Italy’s most idyllic cluster of coastal villages and certainly its most unique. A chain of five villages perched precariously on rocky promontories are famous for their extraordinary beauty and natural isolation. Residents of the Cinque Terre have adapted to the challenging natural surroundings, with houses that start at the sea and climb the cliffs and terraces sculpted out of the mountain slopes to cultivate extensive vineyards and olive groves.

The region is a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The five villages that give the area its name are Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore and visitors flock to the villages in summer to witness Italy at its picturesque best. The coastal paths connecting them are great for walking, as access is mainly on foot, but also by boat and train.

Each village has something different to offer, from stunning beaches to challenging hikes, buzzing cocktail bars or quiet seclusion.

For a memorable experience of the Cinque Terre, take a sunset cruise from Monterosso in a traditional Ligurian fishing boat, cruising by all the villages.

The views are spectacular and it’s so beautiful watching the sun begin to set whilst in the middle of the crystal blue ocean. You’ll stop along the way for a swim in one of the pristine caves, bath under waterfalls and visit a beautiful secret stone beach – it’s a wonderful mix of sightseeing, swimming, exploring and enjoying an Italian aperitivo on board.

Venazza is regarded as the most beautiful of the five towns and it’s not hard to see why. The small harbour nestles under the shadow of the 11th century Doria castle and dramatic seaside church. It’s charming piazza is framed by the tall pastel-hued buildings, with plenty of cafes, shops and places of interest along the streets. In the evening, when most of the day trippers have left, it’s the perfect time wander and stop for fresh tapas (aperitivo, wine, anchovies, bruschetta and mussels) at one of the best local restaurants, before returning to Monterosso.

Andrea Bocelli Concert, Teatro di Silenzio, Lajatico

Beautiful Tuscany is home to one of the most beautiful voices of all time!     

On top of the list is Andrea Bocelli’s annual concert in Lajatico.

Lajatico is the birthplace of Bocelli and in 2006, he persuaded the local government to build an outdoor theatre in the stunning rolling hills of the town, creating a magical atmosphere for an international concert. Every summer he performs for one night only at the open air venue, Teatro del Silenzio and is often is accompanied by fellow musicians such as Placid Domingo, Sarah Brightman and Chris Boti including a full symphony orchestra.

Bocelli has sold over 80 million records, is a star of the classical music genre and a true icon in his field; so much so that he has his own star on the walk of fame in Hollywood! He has received many awards and also performed for royalty on more than one occasion.

With an angelic voice that resonates across the stage, reaching even the furthest seats, Bocelli is renowned for being a unique performer, capable of stirring all manner of emotions and providing the audience with a truly memorable performance.

There is no better way to experience Bocelli than at the outdoor amphitheatre, Teatro di Silenzio in the stunning rolling hills of Tuscany!

The captains are very friendly and knowledgeable on these cruises, passionate about the area and its history of course, sharing many interesting stories. They are also open to suggestions that make your experience a perfect fit - everything can be customised to suit your needs!

A Sunset Cruise is a fabulous way to see the five villages of the Cinque Terre, view the spectacular coastline and experience a sunset that will take your breath away!

UNA GITA INDIMENTICABILE Unforgettable trip....

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