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WHY Goals matter

16 September 2013




If there’s one thing I can guarantee you – it’s that people who set Goals and remind themselves WHY will succeed every time. Constant alignment with your Goals and the emotional connection through WHY are crucial to success.

Consider this
Jenny is about 10kg over her ideal weight/figure. One-day she sets out to rectify this by going on an exercise program that involves 3 x 6am mornings at boot camp, and a strict eating regime.

Jenny writes down her goals. She sticks them to the fridge. About two days into her new regime she’s offered a piece of cake at a work farewell. Tough, but Jenny remembers what’s on the fridge and respectfully declines the piece of cake. 

Over the next few weeks, work becomes crazy and Jenny’s ‘fridge goals’ become so much a part of the furniture they blend into the background. She knows she should be eating well, but one Friday after a nightmare day at work, she cracks a bottle of red and demolishes it, along with the cheese, crackers, peanuts and chips in the cupboard. 

From there it becomes easier to say ‘yes’ to a few drinks and take-away and no to 6am boot-camp starts. As her goals fade into the background, old habits return with a vengeance.

Now, consider this

At the start of Jenny’s new leaf, she sits down and writes out her Goal in her Goal-book. She then accompanies the Goal with her WHYs – the emotional connections with the Goal and the power behind it.

Goal: Lose 10kg.

WHYs: For 10 years I have put myself last. Last behind my career; then behind my husband; then behind my children; then behind my family and friends. I have allowed my health and body to suffer as a result and now I feel depressed about how I look. I’m worth more than that and deserve better. I will put me first, lose the 10kg, feel fabulous about myself and everyone will benefit.

Jenny also vows every day to physically write down her goal and recite her WHYs so it all stays BIG in her mind.

This sort of strategy better equips Jenny to handle the most stressful days and temptations because she is emotionally attached to her goal and it’s at the forefront of her mind.

There are a couple of hitches, but she loses the 10kg.

Having a Goal with BIG WHYs attached are awesome at improving your LITTLE every-day decisions.

We only ‘buy-in’ to our Goals when we remind ourselves WHY.

The stronger the WHY, the stronger your willpower when faced with temptation.


  1. Buy a ‘Goal Book’, or download an iPad, or similar, application.
  2. Write your goals: Fitness, Health, Body, Lifestyle, Work, Wealth, Personal Development, Education, whatever.
  3. Develop powerful WHYs
  4. Each day when you get out of bed, the first thing you have to do is read your Goals and WHY you’re doing them.
  5. Re-write your Goals and WHYs every Sunday.

 Yours in an incredibly goal-orientated mindset,




Kris Cochrane

Director Rapid Personal Training



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