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Which Hairpieces to select for different hair loss conditions?

14 February 2020

Thinning hair: Use Crown Hairpieces

If thinning is visible only at the top and good to medium volume of hair persists in other parts, then crown hairpiece is all that you want. It will add volume and give fullness to the crown section. Mostly in men, the crown is the first place for hair thinning. Clips are used to fix these full cap human hair wigs. It's not suitable for people moving towards baldness or are bald.

Receding Hairlines: Use Partial Hairpieces

If the hair loss problem extends beyond the area of your crown what will you do? It can be losing your hair equally, exposing complete scalp or it can be losing hair in patches because of severe stress or alopecia. For such a problem partial hairpiece for receding hairlines and bald patches are available. You will find them at minimal cost compared to conventional toupee and get scalp coverup. It needs less maintenance.

No Hair: Use Silicone Hair Systems 

If you are a perfect example of the bald scalp then hair systems with clips and glue are not for you. Here silicone hair system will get attached on its own, and remain fixed tightly. As silicone is the primary material in the system which stretches the base well compared to other materials. It can fit heads of all shapes and sizes. It makes the head breathable for ultimate comfort and durable use, even in the warm weather.

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