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What to Wear with Flats during Your Workday Week

07 June 2019

For many women around the world, life is a constant struggle of wanting to look chic and stylish without having to endure the pain and the blisters caused by most high heels. Thankfully, most offices nowadays allow wearing flat shoes, the most fashionable and comfortable footwear option. And there are countless ways to dress up your favorite flats to look equally as professional, chic and elegant in the office as you would wearing a pair of stilettos. From ballet flats and sandals to loafers and mules, the styling options are truly endless and definitely worth exploring.

So, here are some stylish flats outfit ideas to wear during your workday week:

Smart pencil skirts

Many businesswomen consider well-tailored pencil skirts to be one of the most important work wear staples every woman needs to have in her closet. But even though they are usually paired with high heels to give an extremely sexy and feminine silhouette, flats such as man-style loafers and ballet flats look beautiful when paired with a smart pencil skirt. Combined with a white button-down or an elegant silk blouse and accessorized with a business tote or even a stylish scarf, this outfit is a bit collegiate, undoubtedly office appropriate, and a chic and fashionable alternative to traditional corporate wear.

Elegant pair of trousers

Even though wide leg trousers are very trendy this season, they usually tend to look much better paired with high heels, especially if you are on the shorter side. However, when it comes to slim-fitting trousers, you can definitely afford to go with a pair of flats. Such a slim silhouette will help elongate your figure, and when paired with flats, it’s very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s timeless, classic style. But just because you are going to the office, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to dark colors, such as navy or black. From soft lavenders and powder pinks to baby blues and daffodil yellows, pastel colors have taken the fashion world by storm, and they are truly the perfect option for warmer spring and summer months.

Business casual jeans

Although jeans are generally known for being casual items of clothing, there is still a wide array of denim options that are more than appropriate for work, which you could buy from the comfort of your own home and easily combine with your favorite flat shoes, such as those offered in the Mavi womens jeans online shop. Whether you opt for a straight leg, a skinny cut, or even decide to experiment with wide cropped jeans, make sure to pair them with smart tops, such as silk blouses, classic button-downs and elegant camis combined with blazers, and you will have the perfect office-friendly denim and flats outfit.

Lightweight pantsuits

Another essential business wear item, pantsuits are slowly making a comeback, this time in cotton, chambray and linen versions, making them a perfect summer work wear option. Whether they’re paired with loafers, mules or ballet flats, these menswear-inspired suits truly make for a strong and powerful outfit any businesswoman should give a try. Opt for neutral colors, such as grey, brown, navy or black, to avoid an overly casual look with such lightweight materials. Combine this impactful outfit with a leather tote and some statement jewelry, and you will have the ultimate work wear outfit for hot and humid summer months.

Beautiful button-down dresses

If you tend to favor dresses for the office environment, you’ll be pleased to hear that you can get away with swapping your heels in favor of flats for this particular look. Simple, yet effective and incredibly stylish, button-down dresses are one of the biggest fashion trends for the upcoming season, and the best thing about them is that they pair beautifully with every style of flat shoes. Even though they are available in all shapes and cuts, the best option might be to choose an A-line midi-length button-down dress, as the most appropriate outfit for a business environment. Whether they’re paired with a statement watch, a handbag or even a lightweight cardigan, flat shoes help these summer dresses maintain an elegant and classy effect.

There are a lot of ways to incorporate flats into your business attire, so be sure to follow the abovementioned tips to ensure you create flawless, chic and elegant outfits, perfectly suited for the office environment. Each and every one of these outfit ideas is incredibly stylish, and there’s no denying you’ll look perfectly professional, no matter which one you choose.