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What robs you of your confidence

09 March 2016

If honest, most of us would like a little extra confidence, whether it is at work, in our relationships or maybe with our body image.  

Most of us recognise that confidence comes from inside of us. It also helps a great deal if you can increase your confidence from a good foundation of self-respect and valuing yourself as a human being.  

There are many articles around on boosting your confidence, but today, we are going to explore some of the things that you may be doing that could be self-sabotaging your own confidence.  

Have a look at the list below and see where you may be consciously, or unconsciously, knocking your own confidence:

Putting everyone’s else’s needs before your own  

Always comparing yourself disfavourably to other people 

Not valuing yourself as a precious and valuable human being  

Putting yourself down with your own self-talk 

Living someone else’s dream – instead of your own 

Putting up with abuse, verbal, emotional or physical

Failing to speak up – always wanting to keep the peace 

Always worrying about other people’s opinion of yourself – rather than placing importance on your own opinion 

Believing your life is ‘less important’ than other people 

Being too passive or having the ‘disease to please’ 

Can you identify with any of these? If so, it may be time to start to prioritize your own confidence and wellbeing. You are worth it!