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What price is your health?

01 March 2012

Kath is a Gynaecological health consumer has dedicated her life to inspiring women to flourish and encouraging them to learn more about barriers and stigmas, creating health and confidence by listening to their inner intuition. By sharing our knowledge and experiences others too can learn preventative measures.Inner health is only possible when we are in tune of our minds, emotions, spirits and physical bodies”.


It wasn’t until I had radical Gyn cancer treatment and aftermath made me realise that something has to be done for  women suffering in silence and a voice must be created to make changes in the world with all things “Gynae”. 100’s of years of not talking about issues “down there”doesnt help uninformed woman about these issues.

I discovered 600,000 Australian women have Endometriosis, 400,000 - Polycystic Ovaries, 1-6 infertility issues, approx. 4,500 Gyn cancers, fibroids, prolapse, hysterectomies, period pain, vulval conditions, Sti’s etc. 

Imagine the ripple effect in society/workplace of lack of Gyn health in relations to Depression, Domestic Violence, Obesity, Infertility - We need to make this a priority with corporate health. This won’t happen without the voice of the women in the community and workplaces. I appeal to all women to raise this issue when next at work.

Through my not for Profit Gynaecological Awareness Information Network we have established and celebrated our 11th years of the International GYNae Aware Day 10 September. 

After 17 years of lobbyingin the community it is greatto see the professional support with Prof Ian Frazer – Australian of Year 06 as Patron of GAIN and Lord Mayor of Perth our Ambassador).  Assoc. Prof. Jenny McCloskey Sexual Health Physician is on GAINS’ Board.I am pleased to say the Royal Australian NZ College Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Australian NZ Women’s hospitals have also endorsed the day.


1.Endometriosis : (Stats 600,000) A25 year old woman shared how she endures Endometriosis since stating how much pain she is in yet she cannot seem to be open about this at workplace.

2.Polycystic Ovaries (Stats 400,000) a 31 year old manager of a large insurance company shares  she cannot have children due to this condition  she statedGYNae health issues are rarely discussed in the workplace. We as women need to find a way for changes to the way we deal with these issues in society.

After speaking at an Aboriginal group, the woman in charge said that after I spoke openly she too spoke openly with her group, she too was more up front at their next session – she emailed later statingshe was able to save a woman’s life because when she spoke out more openly - a woman spoke up of what was happening to her and was treated immediately. Can it be that simple?.Us women talking to each other more – sharing our stories.

Gynaecology appears to be veryacademic/clinical, this knowledge belongs to all professional/community people, It seems I am pioneering the issue of Gynaecology as it is rarely spoken of in women’s organisations or the corporate areas, the barriers need to be broken down. As I see it the more we talk about it the more research, funding, support and normalcy will arise.?We need to improve women’s lives, empower them with knowledge and confidence. 

Bettina Arndt states: “Female leaders should act on fertility control - 90,000 abortions annually”. We need a positive voice for all the other GYNae conditions also. 

After 17 years of lobbying people are now starting to see my vision - Governments, Womens Groups, Schools, Universities Women’s Hospitals.

I represented GAIN as part of the Gyn Senate Enquiry 2005 where a great result was seen with a National GYNae Cancer Centre. However there is more work to be done with the many “other things GYNae” 

2011interviewed- Melbourne University School of Philosophy – re Gyn health for Australian National Library.

9 awards: Order of Australia Medal (OAM), : Nom. Telstra Business Women Year 2011:  Global Womens Summit Leadership Perth : Zonta Intern. Perth, : I in 100 Community Local Champion City Perth : Inductee Hall of Fame – Intern. Women’s Day Perth: Liz Davenport - Executive Women’s Forum WA: Momentum Women’s Forum: Nom. Aust. of Year/Citizen of Year Perth: Centre Leadership for Women Short-listed : Inductee: Our Bodies Ourselves USA: Women’s Health Hero 


GAIN your knowledge, stand up and be counted, be proud of who and what you are.Love your body like there is no tomorrow.I realise my subject matter is upclose and personal however I hope you may take a closer look at the women suffering in silence and why we need to celebrate the International GYNae Day to create a change and voice for our mothers, sisters daughters and men in society.



  • Hayley Solich

    Hayley Solich 7 years ago

    Kath Mazzella OAM is a fearless campaigner and her concerns that this part of our life is being neglected is a reality. Women need to be more activley involved in their own health and less dependent upon leaving it all up to the professionals because sadly some professionals get it wrong and some act inappropriately, as human beings are fallible. Good job Kath on speaking up and helping women to be more open about their health. I have no doubt you are saving lives. Keep going!