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What is the Etiquette for Cornering the Hot Guy from Accounts at This Year's Christmas Party?

11 December 2011

The work party is still, unfortunately, WORK.   So I have noted some essential faux pas to avoid to ensure we have a blast and keep our credibility and (gasp) our jobs, by New Year.

Heaven forbid you should

-approach the CEO without an introduction

-be drunk – tipsy is acceptable in most circles

-ever take off your party shoes 

-have a party pash at the party - ick

-stay until the end – go home around 10:00pm max

-sing karaoke

-take a handful of canapés at once (it’s one at a time for the record)

-arrive already blitzed

-tell your boss what you really think about him and his great ideas

-show anyone your boobs – however unintentionally

-go home with a person other than the one you came with 

Because ladies always

-dress well – better to be overdressed than underdressed

-mingle and meet the good people from other departments

-drink from the same place on their glass (sounds OCD but keeps the glass sparkling)

-Hold their wine glass by the stem (so it stays cold)

-have a brilliant time and refrains from criticism

-hold everything in their left hand (so right hand is free for canapes and waving at new friends from other departments)

-tell friends if they have something stuck in their teeth/skirt/shoe

-congratulate the host on a wonderful party

-leave after speeches, before the party becomes a par-taye

Kris Kringle Etiquette ?

Set the guidelines:  

- A maximum of $15 depending on where you work.  

- Try to avoid the gimmick gift which many people feel is a cop-out.

- Stay within the price range – your recipient will feel awkward with their new ipad if they got you a mug with your (ironically) photo on it.

- coffee cups, movie tickets, magazines, nail file sets, bottle openers are all good generic gifts

- don’t give anything sexy or intimate – they have to take it home and suggestive gifts may cause trouble at home!

Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year, remember if you hold your cold drink in your left hand, your right hand will never be cold and clammy!