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What a 30-mins home workout looks like?

04 June 2020

  1. Grab your cross ropes and start skipping for (5 mins)
    This is an alternate exercise for running. If you do skipping for 5 mins non-stop, this well as good as 15 mins of running. So, now as you've warmed up let's add some weight to your exercise.

  2. Now grab your Dumbbells for (15 mins)
    In this time you can do a mix-set of arms, back, and shoulders to flex almost every important muscle of your body, maximizing the calories burn count or you can do a single body part exercise to enhance the muscle tension if you aim to get bigger muscles.

  3. Now it's time to focus on glutes for remaining (5 mins) to sum it as a complete and satisfying home workout. Grab your strength band and around your quads, lower legs, or knees during squats.

Well, this wasn't that hard and on the greener side, you have burnt a lot of calories. Now, you're a step closer to be in your best shape.

As we all are currently facing this pandemic and are lockdown in our homes. There are only two possible ways for you to come out of your home after this crisis gets over. Well, a lot of you have seen memes so you know where is this going.

If you eat well and workout daily. You'll come out in a much better shape that will boost your confidence and hence the quality of life altogether. And, if you don't keep a track on your eating habits on top of it you even neglect working out. Then you know what a trying to look happy but the depressed fat guy looks like. The choice is yours.

P.s: Just like from the Matrix consider this lockdown has given you 2 pills to choose from. One of them will enhance your physique and personality and the second one will let you live the way you are living. What you gonna choose? Fitness Equipment NZ