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Westpac uniforms chart history of women in business

21 May 2019

Wbc News 1982 Uniform With Elle Macpherson 456

Elle Macpherson has modelled them (above third from right hand side, 1982 Westpac uniforms). Carla Zampatti has designed them. Westpac’s uniforms chart a history of women in business.

As Westpac's head of historical services, Kim Eberhard has responsibility for managing the bank's corporate archives – and that includes the fashion history behind the uniforms.

Here, she traces the history of the banks’ staff uniforms and their significance.

Kim’s passion is in historical research and documentary heritage and she has held a number of archivist and research roles, and was President of the Australian Society of Archivists.

The bank’s corporate archives are the largest privately held archives in the Southern Hemisphere.