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Top 5 Tips to Beating the Bulge

20 March 2013

It seems that I hearing soo much about the latest fad diet or the best way to lose the weight once and for all. I was reading in the paper about the latest 5:2 diet. You fast for 2 days and eat normal for the other 5 days.

It can seem very distracting and yet at the same time very challenging to distinguish what to believe what not to believe and how to know.
Too much noise and information and not enough listening maybe?
So i want to clear a few things up in this article enjoy...
1. Diet is not a way of losing permanent weight. It is not a quick fix.
It is about a shift and change both in your mind and in your lifestyle. Any diet or product that expects you to cut out food groups or do something which to you seems extreme, may intact be extreme. 
How committed are you at achieving your goals? You have to be 100% committed to change. If your not 100% then no program or no one can make the change for you no matter how great the program or how effective it is for others. Decide right now that you are going to be 100% committed to making the change. Even if you have to tell yourself that every morning!! 
2. Create A WHY, When your WHY is big enough the how will just come. In the lowest of lows this is a point of reference to get you through. WHY are you doing this? Attach 3 stories to it. I.E I am going to lose 10 kilos because when I go to my brothers wedding I will look fabulous in the photos. I am losing 10 kilos because I am worth it, I want to show my children and teach them how to value themselves. I can make a difference and by losing the last 10 kilos I can then have more energy and happiness to share with someone else who is in need. 
3. Create a vision board, We love to see things visually, our mind is exactly the same, by having a vision board and visible goals your mind will focus on making that possible. Regularly look at your vision board and goals, every morning every night. Attach them to your mirror your iPhone screen saver and even your fridge or anywhere you find yourself looking regularly.
4. There is no such thing as failure only feedback. 
    In this journey there will be times when things don't go according to plan. I.E you have to stay back at the office later then expected and cannot fit in the workout or have the ideal dinner you had planned, your child is up all night sick and you get no sleep therefore you grab whatever is handy. You have a bad day and you slip up and eat your feelings. It is important to see that as feedback not failure. What can you learn from this events or moments in time. I.E So i had a bad day I ate naughty, Ok feedback is I need to develop a new way of handling a bad day, Im going to implement a pedicure on the way home or im going to allow myself to have a bath. My daughter was sick all night. Ok so feedback is, Im going to put pre-made meals in the fridge and spend some time developing a back up plan. This avoids the common negative self talk that starts the ball rolling when we encounter a feedback opportunity.
5. Create a support network around you. Many people when they embark on this journey find people closest to them are often the most resistant to change. Its sometimes challenging to understand why. We make these changes to improve ourselves yet the people closest to us are often unsupportive. This doesn't mean you have to dump and clear your friends straight away. By explaining to your friends what your doing and how this will benefit them, this will help to enable them to be on your team. I.E Hey mum/dad/sister/best friend/hubby/partner, Im going to be making some exciting changes that will help our relationship flourish, I would love to have you as a member of my team during these changes as you mean a lot to me. (this may vary a little) By having them understand what is going on and how you want them in your life, this eliminates the disconnectedness we and others often feel when we make such drastic changes. This reassures them that they are not being left behind or replaced. You may find people disagree with it, this is when it's ideal for you to surround yourself with people who are going support, serve and nurture you. 
If you are starting this journey I'd love to hear about it, how can I help you? Maybe you need someone to help you and encourage you!
Go get em!