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Tips on Eating Yourself Toward a Slimmer Body

24 October 2013

Hey Guys – This post is coming to you from our Head Strength + Conditioning Coach - James Garland.  James is one of most knowledgeable fitness professionals I’ve met & has learnt from some of the world’s best in the USA and Australia & this article is a ripper.



weightloss aeroplane

Did you know that a commercial plane is off course for over 90% of its voyage? 

Now, to me, that’s pretty significant.  Can you imagine beginning a journey knowing that you’re going to be going in the wrong direction for more than 90% of time?

Most people wouldn’t even bother starting under those conditions, and if I were to be totally honest with you, a few years ago, neither would have I! 

The same can’t be said for commercial airlines, though. They schedule the plane for take off regardless; knowing all too well that the course it takes won’t be perfect.

And you know what, a funny thing happens – it always seems to land at its intended destination!

How is that even possible?  Do you think it’s by sheer luck?

Heck no!

The reason that commercial flights land at their intended destination like clockwork is because throughout the entire trip the pilot is constantly checking to see if the plane is on course, and if it’s not, he re-adjusts the route accordingly.  He knows that if he takes off from Sydney to go to Auckland, he only has to keep moving in Auckland’s general direction, and if the plane’s path deviates off course, then they simply adapt the navigation settings, and put it back on course.

They have specific checkpoints throughout the journey, and adjust the path if it’s not taking them towards their destination.

Now here’s the real secret…

It’s exactly the same process when you’re making a body transformation – having the right plan, detailed down to a ‘T’ isn’t the most important thing. The key is ‘taking off’, or simply starting, and once you’ve done so, tracking progress (through measurements, body fat percentage etc.), and making adjustments to the plan as they are needed.

Most of us get these two steps around the wrong way. We like to plan, and make sure everything is absolutely perfect before we begin. We want to anticipate any problems that we’re going to encounter, and plan for them accordingly.

The problem with this is that until you get into the thick of changing your lifestyle and realising your dreams, you truly never know what problems you’re going to encounter.

So start imperfectly now, and worry about perfection later on - do one thing today to get moving.

Stuck on that one thing to do? Start with any one of these 5 Must-Dos and move through:

  1. Stop drinking calorie-containing beverages – liquid calories can add up over the course of a day, fast! By switching out any of these drinks (i.e. milk, soft drink, juices, alcohol etc.) for non-calorie options (water, herbal teas), we can easily drop a few hundred calories out of the diet, and start making inroads to that bikini body.
  2. Actually drink 2-3 litres of water each day – you know, like you keep telling yourself that you’re going to! Most people are amazed at how much better they feel after increasing their water intake, and don’t worry, the body will soon adjust to the added volume of fluid, and your bathrooms trips will slow down after a week or so.
  3. Eat a serving of vegetables with each and every meal – vegetables are great for body transformations not only because they contain fibre, as well as essential micronutrients, but also because they’re filling, without coming with a large caloric load – meaning that you’ll feel full & satisfied, but won’t pay for it later.
  4. Do 30-Minutes of activity, every other day – contrary to popular belief, when you’re just starting out, you don’t need a full-fledged gym attack on your body. Instead, try to make regular exercise a habit. Start with 30-minutes of activity (any activity, just make it harder than your day-to-day stuff) every other day, and step it up when you’re good and ready.
  5. Cut Out One Item Of ‘Junk’ Food – you know the stuff I’m talking about, too – chocolate, ice cream, chips, lollies etc. Cut one of these bad habits out of your diet, and don’t look back.

And if you’ve already begun your journey and encountered a hurdle or two, don’t worry – I’m not going to leave you hanging. Part 2 (to come) will address all of the major issues that people run into when they’re trying to slim down for summer, and outline some action steps to overcome them.

Stay tuned.

James Garland

Rapid PT Head Strength Coach


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