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Tips for Setting up Your First Home Together After Marriage

11 February 2019

As a newlywed couple, you have an important task ahead of you – creating your new home together. This is a truly exciting step, but keep in mind that it can bring certain challenges. Your new home should meet both your individual and shared needs and express your different styles, yet still feature a cohesive look. Of course, there are some basic checks and repairs that also need to be done for your increased security and comfort.

Change the locks

If you’ve been distracted with organising your wedding, you might have forgotten to change the locks on your new home. It’s important that you do this as soon as possible to ensure your and your spouse’s safety. You can never know who might have keys to your new house.

Create a fresh, clean base

Before decorating and furnishing your home, you should take some time to create a fresh base. You should clean your new home thoroughly, tackling every nook and cranny. This may be boring, but you and your spouse can do it together and turn it into a fun activity. This is also a great opportunity to apply a coat of paint and freshen up your interior. You’ll have to choose a colour scheme that you’ll both find appealing. If you like different colours, you can go with a neutral backdrop and then choose two of your favourite hues for accent details. Just make sure that accent colours complement each other for a cohesive and harmonious look.

Decide on a style you’ll both love

If you and your spouse have completely contrasting tastes, it’s important that you pick a style that you’ll both love. You cannot go with a contemporary design if your other half loves vintage style. A possible solution is to go with an eclectic look that will enable you to mix and match different styles. This will also enable you to use furniture pieces of contrasting styles and create a look that will reflect both of your personalities. Of course, try to create a balanced look by implementing carefully picked pieces that will have certain features in common.

Check the electrical installations and adjust the lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating a pleasant home ambience, but you need to make sure that it meets the purpose of each room. You and your partner should introduce several lighting sources into each room. However, before installing new fixtures, you should have all the electrical installations inspected. Keep in mind that unlicensed electrical work is strictly prohibited in some countries, such as Australia. In fact, residential Sydney electrician experts are all licenced and qualified to deal with a range of electrical issues. Therefore, you should hire a reliable expert to check your home for possible electrical problems or install additional outlets. Afterwards, you can introduce different lighting fixtures that will fill your space with a flattering glow and elevate your home décor.  

Introduce plenty of storage

To maximise the functionality of your new home, you need to add enough storage solutions that will help you control clutter and keep your space organised. There are numerous stylish options, from built-in shelves to bookcases used as room dividers. If you have a small house or apartment, you should make the most of your wall space and use floating shelves and other wall-mounted solutions. You can also use furniture with built-in storage compartments, which will make your home even more functional.  

Sort out your wedding gifts

You’ve probably received a lot of wedding gifts, so it’s time you sorted them out. It’s important that you immediately decide which pieces you truly need and which ones you’ll never use. If you’ve received different kitchen appliances, make sure to consider your cooking habits and incorporate the units that will meet your daily needs. In addition, make sure that the gifts you want to include into your home design fit into its general style.

Designing your new home with your spouse will enable you to create a space that you’ll both love and where you can start a family together.