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Tips for hiring a competent personal stylist

28 August 2017

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” - Coco Chanel

When we group people in concern of styling and fashion, we realise that we can categorize them in three groups.There are those who are familiar with the term ‘Personal stylist or personal shopper’ but cannot afford a stylist for themselves, and then there are those who till date don’t know who are not aware of what a personal stylist does. The last group consists of those who have already hired a personal stylist and got a taste of his/her services. If you are willing to hire a personal stylist Perth but didn’t know whom to ask or where to start, then here are a few tips which can be helpful for you. 

  • Create an image that you want to show to the world

We’ve all heard the popular phrase, “first impression is the last impression”. This cannot be any true than it is now when people judge you by your clothing and style. People spend more time on social sites, and for the very same reason, image has become incredibly important. In an instant, your public image can tell a hundred things about you such as, your status, personality, colour choice etc. Whether you like it or not, people will either criticise you for your dressing style or judge you on how you carry yourself. Therefore, it is important to understand that a personal stylist will help you align your “inner” image with your “outer” image that the world will notice. He/she shall help in portraying a positive image on your behalf for the world to see. 

  • Stylist is an important person in your team

We tend to surround ourselves with people who allow us to streamline our life and make the best of our time and money. They in a way keep us fit, healthy, and on top of the game. You might be a big shot with various employees after you like secretaries, assistants, advisers, drivers, personal trainer and executive coaches and with such a strong team standing beside you, one thing that should not fall out is a personal stylist. Undoubtedly, your personal stylist will prove to be the most useful team member when it comes to enhancing your personality and bringing the best out for the world to see. 

  • You’ll have a curated closet, especially designed for you

Stylist generally have close connections with various designers, tailors, and brand owners. They always know where to get clothes from, which style will suit you, and which designer clothes will best suit you. 

We all know that no two people are same, perhaps it's impossible that your personal stylist will use the same styling tips on someone else. This is going to be a personal and exclusive wardrobe especially prepared for you. In fact, you’ll not only have a wardrobe especially curated for you, but the stylist will mix and match different styles to create combinations which you could wear everyday. 

  • Your wardrobe and packing will be taken care of

Packing for business trip or for a long holiday can be specifically overwhelming. Packing for business trips can be a bit of strenuous work as the packing is generally last minute and the entire process becomes stressful. This becomes even worse when you feel you don’t have anything to wear, which is, of course, normal. Your stylist will be able to set out the best wardrobe for you to help you look perfect every time you step out in public. 


A personal stylist will help you in arranging clothes for different occasions and packing them accordingly. Whether you’re going for a business trip, presentation, important meeting with client, or playing golf with friends - everything can be managed at the bat of your eye and in the most professional manner.