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The unexpected costs associated with the fashion blogger lifestyle

20 September 2016

Fashion blogging is big business and many of us can sometimes get envious about the wonderful lifestyles many fashion bloggers lead. Working from home, attending fashion shows, a constant supply of shiny new products and an instagram account full photos of their picture perfect lives. But what are the costs associated with the lifestyle of a fashion blogger? You may be surprised to hear that many fashion bloggers have real responsibilities just we like we do at work - they have deadlines to work to and expenses to pay just like any other job. But as with any small business, these professional bloggers have to reinvest their hard earned cash back into the operation.

To be a successful fashion blogger, it's essential for them to attend certain events, one of the most obvious being fashion week, in order to keep up to date with the latest in the industry. And you may be surprised to hear that there are only a lucky few that get entry into these events paid for by various brands. Most bloggers pay for trips like this out of their own pockets. When taking into consideration that New York, London, Paris and Milan all host two womenswear shows a year, this can become a very expensive hobby, one of which is an essential trip if a blogger wants to stay ahead of the game.

It’s not just entry into the event that costs money, regular trips are often another major expense for fashion bloggers. Some international bloggers can travel 100,000 miles a year in order to attend various work related meetings or events. On top of these travel expenses, the blogger will more often than not also need to pay for accommodation whilst on the trip making this aspect of the job an expensive one.

On top of these essential fashion events, most bloggers will also hire an assistant of some kind who will help them to organise their time. Most of these assistants get paid an hourly rate as well as any expenses they may incur whilst on the job.

After events and travel, another major expense for bloggers will be the management of the blog itself along with their various social media platforms. Many will start off with a free site, but in order to make it big, bloggers are required to upgrade. This means paying large fees to web development companies, graphic designers to create logos and sometimes even marketing/branding companies in order to reimagine the brand image or identity.

To add to the already mountainous list of expenses, there’s the equipment needed in order to create their online content. Tools of the trade include cameras, lenses, tripods, external hard drives and photo editing software, each of which being a costly investment.

Unsurprisingly, most fashion bloggers will also spend a proportion of their earnings on fashion. After all, it is their passion and their personal style is often one of the reasons we are so intrigued about them and their opinions on what’s big in the industry. In addition many bloggers may not have been blessed with their knowledge of style from the get go and many will have invested in some sort of styling course in order to fine tune their skills. There are many ways in which you can learn more about the world of fashion - for example, you can pursue a stylist course at Professional Styling Academy or complete an internship where you can gain the knowledge and experience needed for a career in fashion and styling.

We are not ignoring the fact that one of the perks that comes with a job as a fashion blogger is all the free stuff. Fancy client meetings and lucrative advertising deals. A small number of sponsored blog posts can be worth as much as $25,000 to a blogger. Bigger contracts could earn them hundreds of thousands! Many successful fashion bloggers that have put in the hard yards and made it big will certainly be earning over six figures (not bad for a self starter).

As with any career, you get back what you put in and for many fashion bloggers, the expenses listed above have been worth their weight in gold. With any job, you will need to invest both time and money to become successful and there is no doubt that having a job in this exciting industry is extremely sought after. The question is - is it for you?