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The Psychological Benefits of Writing Things Down

03 September 2017

Have you ever sat down at a desk, primed yourself to write a few things, then let something else get in the way? Whatever your day to day life looks like, taking the time to write things down is important. This is an important tenet Saint Belford’s 2018 diary teaches. You would be surprised at the benefits that writing provides for your brain as well as your life. Here are a few reasons why writing things down is a psychologically positive habit to acquire.

It Makes You Happier

When you start writing down your goals, dreams, and thoughts, you’ll instantly start to feel happier. Writing on a regular basis has a positive impact on your health and well being, which only help you to grow as a person. You’re looking to become more organised while becoming more whole. Writing will help with that.

Writing about your life’s stresses will reduce that stress significantly, which allow for more positive emotions to flow. Your communication skills will improve, which will allow you express yourself. Self-discipline builds character, and writing every day builds self-discipline. Problem-solving, empathy, awareness...these all contribute to happiness.

It Helps Clarify Your Mind and Life

You lead a hectic life. Sometimes you might get overwhelmed with all of the things that need to be done on a given day, and you simply have no energy to do them. That’s where writing in your diary comes in.

With a daily writing ritual, you’ll be able to clear your mind, your goals, and other aspects of your life. The minute you write down everything you’re thinking, you’ll be awash with relief. It will be like night and day. Even writing down the steps towards your end goal will switch your brain from ‘panic’ to ‘own-it’.

Writing your goals, priorities, and intentions has powerful psychological benefits as well. When they’re in writing, they’re out in the physical world - not just cropped up in your head. You can now evaluate them, decide which ones resonate, and accomplish them.

It Allows You to Experience Life Through Information

Life is a roller coaster. There are a lot of twists and turns, lots of excitement, and plenty of bumps along the way. These experiences are what happen in our brains. We have to take it all in and emotionally respond. Most people don’t bother to take note of the situation. They simply move along.

By taking the time to write down the experience, you’re able to better remember the moment more vividly. As Jesse Day writes, “the purpose of writing is not to store facts for later. The purpose of writing down ideas is to document a thought process. (You are) transported back to that experience of thought.” Use the experiences you have to create a vivid log of your life through writing.

It Gives You a Sense of Accomplishment

If you’ve ever finished a book, you know the feeling of accomplishing something. The same goes for finishing university, or even scoring a goal. When you fill a journal up with your own writing, you get an overwhelming sense of achievement. Let’s return to the book example. Many people don’t think they have the time or effort or ideas to physically write a book of their own. But look back at this year’s journal next year. When it’s full, you’ll have finished a book about you. That’s accomplishment right there.

It Boosts Efficiency

Are you having trouble getting started with something? Do you procrastinate? Are you easily distracted by well-written blog posts about the psychological benefits of writing things down? It’s ok - we all are guilty of being inefficient at times. That’s why writing things down is important. Physically writing things down will open up your brain by removing distractions and allowing you to focus 100 per cent on the task at hand.

Write Your Way to a Healthy Brain

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be a quick affirmation, a thought, or a larger piece that you need to do. Even a shopping list is a good start. The benefits of writing things down are numerous, and you owe it to your brain to write a few things down once in awhile. So grab a pen and get started!