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The best Christmas gift for you and your partner

21 November 2011

…is to book into a health and well-being RETREAT. I have recently returned from a week and without exaggeration it has been life-changing. I’ve been home now for 6 weeks and still applying all I have learnt, so it’s not been a 5 minute wonder.  If you have adult children, it is also the perfect gift. The earlier one can learn the art of skilful living through a healthy mind, body and spirit the better equipped one will be to manage work, relationships and health. But it’s never too late!

A health and well-being retreat educates you in NUTRITION (the meals were the best I’ve ever had – and I have taught in nutrition) and there was even a cooking demonstration; EXERCISE where daily programs include a variety of fitness and sport activities from bush walks to boxing supervised by qualified instructors; MIND AND BODY where activities such as tai chi, yoga, meditation, pilates, etc offer clarity to the mind and renew energy in the body; SEMINARS AND WORKSHOPS essential to living a happy and balanced lifestyle include stress management, women’s health and men’s health, risk factors for heart disease and cancer, metabolism and weight loss, stop smoking, etc; RELAXATION and for many this was the best part and we enjoyed a full menu of massage and beauty therapies.

Each day was a nurturing experience, with staff planning our individual program according to our interests and needs, and I felt refreshed from the deep water running (no stress on the joints and muscles – but what a workout!), dance was a hilarious, spin classes worked up a sweat, tennis and swimming corrected all my faults, fitball helped repair my weak abdominal muscles after surgery early this year and there were many more on offer.

The 27 guests were from around Australia, ranging in ages from 20 to 70 years, some were singles and some were couples. We were there for various reasons: mine was for health, others were for weight loss, work/life balance, stress management and a few just to enjoy a week away from phones, decisions and worries. 

Nothing to do all week but have fun, get fit, eat fabulous food, unwind, make new friends and be pampered.

Can you think of a better Christmas gift?

(If you want to know where I went, ask under ‘Comments’)