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Tapping into a great idea

11 December 2011


Sustainability – it’s all the rage, the buzzword of our times, the ‘grass roots’ of an earlier decade. If you have trouble walking the talk: you love consuming, flying when you could drive, driving when you could walk, then Sydney Water can help realign your image.

The organisation has hit upon a marketing campaign, which given what it is about, drinking water, has the potential to kill you if you ignore it. 

Revolving around exploding complacency and the perceptions generated by bottled water companies, this clever marketing campaign is determined to change the way we think about Sydney tap water on a multitude of levels. From building awareness about something we take for granted to changing behaviours on consumerism and pollution, tapTM promotes drinking water as the simplest most sustainable choice you can make.

Even the most fervent Monckton-following climate change sceptics will appear in step with the rest of the world, simply by drinking Sydney tapTM.

Quick things you should know, courtesy the tapTM campaign

tap™ is the original eco water

Drinking tap™ helps keep our waterways free from unnecessary litter, so you can feel better knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment. 

tap™ is cheap at less than 1 cent a litre

tap™ water is better for your wallet and the environment. At less than 1 cent a litre, it is by far the cheapest way to quench your thirst and won’t pollute the atmosphere once you’ve finished drinking.

tap™ is better for everyone’s future

tap™ water is better for our kid’s health and their future. It undergoes strict testing and with no packaging, it’s much better for the environment. With the added benefit of fluoride, it’ll keep us smiling for years to come.

tap™ has all the convenience without the cost

Thanks to a 21,000km network of pipes, tap™ water travels directly to your home or business. No packaging and no extra shipping. So it’s easier for you and it’s easier on the environment. 

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