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Take a moment

07 March 2011

For many, the end of the financial year brings a big sigh of relief. The last few weeks of chaos to get as much across the line as possible is now over. Nothing more can be done - no last minute activities. The clock has struck! ?Looking at both sides of the scale - some are tired, exhausted, so glad that the year is now behind them. Moving across to the other side, some are feeling excited that they now have the ability to start a new fresh year, a year full of potential and opportunity. ?Before we launch head first into the next year, before we start actively plugging away at our next set of SMART goals, I would like to encourage you all to take a moment to stop.......... STOP to reflect on the financial year that has been, to think about the successes, the wins, to think about what worked and what didn't. Take a moment to celebrate the year that was no matter how it has turned out, to acknowledge the mistakes and the key learnings. Take a moment to just be - then collect your enthusiasm, collect your energy, collect your drive and remember that to run the race we need a vision, a plan, but most of all we need considered action that is focussed on the outcomes we want.